Overindulged at the Hilo Farmers’ Market

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I began stalking the local farmers’ markets on the Big Island of Hawaii. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m a glutton for fresh fruit and veggies. They make me happy, feed my family and keep our junk food intake to a minimum. Well in theory at least.

The Hilo Farmers’ Market was a lot like the market in Kona in some ways but there were a few key differences. The Hilo vibe was more local than touristy and the prices were definitely a bit lower. I had a very hard time holding back. When you can buy anything for $1 it’s like going to a produce free for all. Even though we went mid-week and only had a few days left on the island I couldn’t help overindulging.

Seven papayas for $1? Yes please! Wait a minute. Over at that other stand I could get 5 strawberry papayas for $1 too. Suddenly I had 12 papayas in my bag. Keep in mind that a papaya in Seattle in the winter would cost me at least $4, probably more, for just one. Twelve papayas didn’t seem insurmountable; we would just have to have one with each meal.

I also needed corn for dinner that night, something that was definitely not in season back home. Well they don’t exactly sell 3 ears of corn at the market now do they? No you had to get at least 6… for a dollar. Tomatoes, passion fruit, a pineapple, a few bunches of apple bananas and about $10 later I’d gotten more produce than we could carry.

Mike gave me a look as we walked back to the car that told me all I needed to know. Yes, my sanity was in question. No we would probably not finish all of this food before we had to leave the island, but we sure would give it a good try. How could I not indulge? The price was right and the food was the best we would have for months. Wouldn’t you go a little overboard too?

Dek does a little sweeping at a stand and is rewarded with a flower

Know Before You Go

  • Hilo Farmers’ Market, Corner of Mamo Street and Kamehameha Ave.
  • Open 7 days a week, 7am-4pm. Wednesday and Saturday open at 6am and have the most (over 200) vendors.
  • Fruits and Vegetables are the main attraction with some flowers and crafts also available.
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  • Lisa

    Your photos are making me hungry for exotic fruit!! 🙂

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Ha! How do you think I feel? I’m craving nothing but fruit these days and can’t find any of this stuff in the local market. Nothing but apples, oranges and strawberries so far, which is better than nothing for sure.

  • Bethaney - Flashpacker Family

    Look how little Dek is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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