Pack valuables in your carry on or risk losing them forever

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Carry on baggage is the bane of every gate agent and flight attendant’s existence at the airport. They see the number of roller bags lining up like little ants hoping to get a spot in the overhead compartment. Chances are your bag will not be one of the lucky ones since you are in boarding zone 5 and in the back of the plane. You need to make sure you pack your second carry on accordingly. If you are forced to check your roller bag at the gate, you don’t want any valuables in there.

Medicine. Never trust the airline to get you your meds. Pack all prescriptions in your bag and anything urgent you might need. I’m not talking about Tylenol and Pepto that you can get at your destination if your bag is lost. I’m talking about migraine meds, cholesterol meds, high blood pressure meds. The stuff that if you don’t have it on you could cause some major issues.

I.D. You never, ever want to fly without your ID physically on your person. Put it in your pocket, your purse or your carry on. If you are forced to check a roller bag at the gate, make sure you grab your ID out of that bag.

Papers. Grab your itinerary and any forms and papers you may need and can not be easily replaced if you lose your checked bag.

Wallet. Why you wouldn’t want your wallet on you I will never know, but never check it. Always have it on you. Your ID is in there as well as all your cash and credit cards.

Camera. Nothing of value should ever go in your checked bag unless you never want to see it again. Cameras large and small are brought on your trip so you can capture incredible moments. If it is in your lost bag that will never happen. Pack your cameras in your carry on.

Laptop. I once watched a manager of mine stick her laptop in her suitcase she was packing for our trip to Singapore. I gave her a bizarre look that made her pause and ask me what the problem was. Besides the fact that her laptop could get crushed in cargo, she also ran the risk of someone taking it directly out of her bag. She quickly threw it in her carry-on and was grateful she did.

Phone and charger. Your phone is your lifeline to the world, or at least mine is. Pack it in your carry on bag and don’t forget the charger. Your phone is no good to you if you don’t have any battery life left.

Tablets. Kindles, iPads, and more have been lost in a checked bag. Carry them with you onto the plane whenever possible. They are your book, movie player and gaming system in one, so really, you will want it on that boring flight you are about to board anyway.

Make up. If you have pricey make up that you can’t live without, pack it in your carry on. If your luggage gets lost or delayed, at least you can still put your face on in the morning.

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  • Katie Baird

    I have to add expensive jewelry to the list … my sister lost a nice necklace a few years ago in her checked bags. It wasn’t the necklace was particularly expensive, but it was a souvenir from Russia and as such, impossible to replace. It was a sad day. Your list is a great reminder that frequent travelers can get too casual about.

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