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Kid-Friendly Eating in Japan

It may sound crazy, but my 21-month-old son cannot get enough Japanese food. In China, Dek barely touch anything other than bread and watermelon. Before we left for Asia he hardly ate rice, let alone a piece of sushi. We got off the plane in Osaka and he started gobbling down whatever we put in …

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Jet Lag Tips

Jet Lag Survival

Welcome to Baby Jet Lag! Have you ever worried that a trip will throw off your baby’s sleep schedule? Are you exhausted because your baby just won’t sleep?  Here is what you need to know–  Your child’s sleep will go back to normal. He (or she) will adjust thanks to their circadian rhythm. It’s the beauty of being a …

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Baby Jet Lag Blues

I’d like to rip my ears off, drown them in a stiff drink and sit alone on the beach. That’s what I am thinking as I am trying to get my son to sleep in Seattle after a 3 week trip in China and Japan. Baby jet lag has reared its head and it is …

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