Ocean views at the Palms Hotel and Spa on Miami Beach Florida

Miami sprawls out before you as you exit the airport, and the beach waits. Don’t be fooled though, this city is so much more than the fast-paced party scene of South Beach Miami that you see on television.

At the Palms Hotel and Spa on Miami Beach you will find a quieter pace of beach life away from the crowds and away from most of the action.

seating area at the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami Beach Florida

Relax with friends at the Palms Hotel and Spa

Walking into the Palms Hotel and Spa it is easy to see what an international city Miami truly is. The receptionist was from Croatia, while our bell boy was from the Caribbean.

My friend Cecilia and I were passing through Miami on our way to the cruise port to hop on my very first cruise (her fifth!). We didn’t want to trust the airline to get us to our boat on time, so we opted to fly in the afternoon before our departure.

This way we could sneak in a little beach time, check out some of the local food, and begin to unwind before we boarded the ship. If we had an extra day, we would have taken a day trip to the Dry Tortugas.

I actually didn’t realize that the Palms Hotel and Spa wasn’t on South Beach at first (just goes to show you should always look at the map!).

When I realized I was a bit disappointed, but it was also a blessing in disguise. I was about to head into the fourth trip of the month and I was exhausted. I needed a quiet, low-key beach night before my longest trip of the month started.

The Palms Hotel gave me exactly that.

beds in the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami Beach Florida
double bed room at the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami Beach Florida

Our two double beds, ocean view room on the eighth floor gave us a panoramic view of Miami Beach.

I watched as shades of blue turned to green over the sparkling salt water as the clouds rolled by and the sun hit each drop. A few people were in the water, just waiting for us to join them, but even on a summer weekend, the beach wasn’t crowded.

Down by the pool, hotel guests were enjoying drinks in their lounge chairs and cabana, while one woman snuck in a few laps.

Cecilia and I wandered through the pool area towards the beach, stopping to say hello to the two resident macaws on their perch.

macaw at the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami Beach Florida

Get outdoors at the Palms Hotel and Spa

Stepping out of the hotel doors towards the Florida beach we found a boardwalk and instantly made a plan to wake up early the next morning to go for a run before we had to head to the port.

The ocean water was just a tad cooler than the air.

I was stopped to take a photo of three friends who were so happy to be together on the beach enjoying their vacation. It seemed I was not the only one enjoying a girlfriend getaway that weekend.

Beach chairs at the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami Beach Florida

A massive storm was headed into town, and as our Uber driver pulled up to the doors of the sushi restaurant we had finally decided on, the skies opened up and the rain poured down.

All through dinner we could see flashes of lightning as large drops of rain pounded the pavement. The storm let up a little as we headed back to the hotel, but the storm was not done yet.

From our room window we watched as the stormed moved out to sea, cascades of lightning touching down on the water as it churned up the water just in time for another cruise ship to head down to the Caribbean.

I prayed we would have a quiet morning when we woke up.

boardwalk outside of the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami Beach FL

Sun beat down on Cecilia and I as we tied our sneakers and headed out to the boardwalk at 7am. Even though the sun hadn’t been up for very long, we were dripping with sweat as we pounded out two miles.

I considered hitting the small gym to do some weight exercises, but jumping in the pool with my sneakers on sounded even better.

We skipped both in favor of showers and the breakfast buffet.

breakfast at the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami Beach Florida

Post-workout breakfast buffet at the Palms Hotel and Spa

Breakfast was included in our room price, and was worthy of the upgrade. The buffet included an omelet station, fruit, oatmeal, a bagel station with cream cheese and lox, bacon, pastries, yogurt parfait and more of the brunch usuals.

As we sat on the gracious shaded porches, sporting cool and refreshing shades of white with palmetto inspired fans circling above, I smiled at my friend Cecilia. This was just the start of our adventure.

The Palms Hotel and Spa had set the mood, and even though we weren’t right on South Beach, we were rested and ready to continue our girlfriend getaway on the cruise ship as we traveled down to the Dominican Republic.

At 12pm on a Sunday morning we said “Adios” to the Palms Hotel, and after a short Uber ride, we were off on our next adventure.

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Pool at the Palms Hotel and Spa Miami Beach FL

Many thanks to the Palms Hotel and Spa for a complimentary one-night stay for the purpose of review. As always, my opinions are my own. When they aren’t you will be the first to know.

2 thoughts on “Ocean views at the Palms Hotel and Spa on Miami Beach Florida”

  1. Nika Jane

    “Adios” Seems like you’re having a wonderful stay, isn’t it. Aside from your article, I do love watching the photos. It really got my attention, especially that eye-catching beach. Thanks for sharing. I hope a lot of people will discover this place.

  2. Charles McCool

    That boardwalk is gorgeous. Does not seem very Miami Beach but then again it does. Miami Beach is like that. It matches your preconceived notions but also has many surprises.

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