TASTE of Passion Fruit Poppyseed Cake at Basin Harbor Club Vermont

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Welcome to TASTE, a delicious part of Walking On Travels that will give you ideas for your next dining adventure with or without your kids. For many of us, we loved checking out the latest restaurant before we had kids, but we forgot about food after the baby was born. It is time to reignite those taste buds and get excited about what is out there to be devoured and enjoyed.

WhatPassion Fruit Poppyseed Cake- Passion Fruit Curd, Raspberry Feuletine, Cheesecake Mousse, Passion Fruit Sauce and Coconut Milk Powder

Where: Main Dining Room at the Basin Harbor Club Vermont, 4800 Basin Harbor Rd, Vergennes, VT 05491

Why: Passion Fruit. It is my kryptonite. Oh sure Superman had his green rock, but I have a delectable fruit that desserts have been trying to get cozy with from conception. I get a little weak in the knees anytime I see it on the menu. All other items disappear and I must have it.

While I was at the Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain in Vermont I really didn’t expect to be wowed by the food. This was basically an all-inclusive resort. Rarely am I impressed by the food at these sorts of places, but a young pastry chef in the kitchen changed my mind. Not only was her Passion Fruit Poppyseed cake gorgeous to look at, it was divine to savor and devour as well. Passion fruit can be quite tart, but the pastry chef tamed the wild beast and made it submit to her will in a sweet passion fruit curd that never lost that unforgettable passion fruit taste and wasn’t overly sweet. The rest of the flavors blended beautifully, but unlike other passion fruit desserts I have had in the past, this one actually let the true nature of the passion fruit ring through with just a hint of its tart personality. Three cheers for the pastry chef at Basin Harbor and the lovely passion fruit she tamed.

Are you a fan of passion fruit desserts?


If you have a favorite morsel you discovered during your wanderings that you would like to share, please be in touch. I’m always looking to highlight the best bites around.

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