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As a mom I’m always looking for a cheaper and easier way to buy the things I need for my kids. They grow… fast. I mean seriously. One day they will barely eat dinner and the next both of my boys are shoveling down an entire chicken, and this is at the ages of three and six. I don’t even want to think about my grocery store bill when they are teens. Saving for travel, let alone anything else feels impossible.


PatPat, a new app specifically created for moms who need essentials (and a few splurges) at discount prices, recently contacted me to check them out. They have Pampers (my diaper brand of choice), Halloween costumes, hair accessories for little fashionistas, mom accessories like scarfs, hats and jewelry, plus clothing that make it easy to stay in fashion without breaking your credit limit. One of the best things about this app is that everything is so cheap that you don’t have to worry when your kids grow or something goes out of style. You can thrift it or give it away to a fellow mom who will gladly take any hand me downs your kids haven’t destroyed.

How’s It Work? 


So, how is PatPat able to provide such big discounts? I asked this question myself. The simple answer is that they take out the middle man. From what I understand, instead of a manufacturer sending goods to a brand, who then sends it to their distributors, who then places it in a store, PatPat takes the goods directly from the manufacturer and delivers them to you. This is not shoddy stuff either. PatPat will personally inspect your order before it goes to you. If anything is wrong, simply send it back.

Sample Deal and Savings

PatPat App

New deals are going up every day at 6am. Products can be up to 90% off the original price. Still think you can’t afford anything? Well with the discount code that was created just for our readers, plus a $5 credit for first orders, you can get a wet bag for $0.69. I never thought I could get a wet bag for diapers, swimsuits, drenched clothes thanks to that cup of milk that didn’t have the lid on quite as tightly as I thought, for less than a dollar. Mine was much pricier and I’ve used it at the beach and pool to keep my cell phone and other important items in that I don’t want covered in water or sand. Just think of all the people you could give a wet bag to for baby showers, bridal showers (yes, I bride could use one too) and your travel buddies who tend to drop their phone in bodies of water more than they would like to admit. I guess the only question left to ask is where will you go with all that money you saved?

Grab your 35% off code + you get $5 off your first order!

Code: AFAR35

Download the app on iPhone or Android
and see how much you can save.


I was asked to review PatPat. As always my opinions are my own; when they aren’t you will be the first to know. 

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