Friday Postcards from the Philadelphia International Airport Art Exhibits

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Sprinting from one terminal to the other, and dragging your carry on to baggage claim can be dull and boring work. You notice the newsstand and a few outposts of Philadelphia restaurants. You may even wander through these same shops to pass the time between flights. Sipping a latte from Starbucks is the highlight of your time in the airport, unless you are at the Philadelphia Airport.

Slowly but surely the Philadelphia International Airport has become a sweet spot to depart from and connect through. The ticket, gate and TSA staff may still be grumpy (that’s putting it kindly), but this airport has a lot to explore if you just keep your eyes open.

Philadelphia Airport art exhibits

While leaving Terminal A to connect to Terminal B in the Philadelphia Airport this past summer, I was greeted by a seating area and green (as in plant foliage) wall. Selfies were encouraged, but I was more interested in the book exchange. You know those little neighborhood library boxes that have been popping up in your area? Well, the Philadelphia Airport now has one, which is genius! How many times have you finished a book on a flight, knowing you will probably never read it again, but you still have to lug it around with you? Now you can deposit your book on the shelf and maybe grab a new book to enjoy.

Philadelphia Airport art exhibits

Walk further down the Philadelphia Airport corridor, and you will find an art exhibit across from the Please Touch Museum play area for kids. At the time “Confetti Eggs” was on exhibit, causing many passengers to stop in their tracks and take multiple photos. I was so enthralled I had to sprint down Terminal B for my flight. Eggs of all colors and textures were displayed in cartons, each depicting a different theme. Some expertly created, others done by young children.

Small touches in airports, like the ones I saw in the Philadelphia Airport, make transferring flights more pleasant, which makes passengers happier and who might just be a little kinder to the gate agents when their flight is delayed. Outside of free Wi-Fi being offered at every airport, I hope more airports jump onboard the art and green space train. We could all use a little more time smelling the roses, browsing a free book or two, and ogling art that we often don’t allow ourselves to make time for in our everyday lives, no matter how close we live to an art museum.

Next time you go to the airport, keep you eyes open. Are there any art exhibits? History displays telling you more about the city? Quiet sitting areas to rest between flights? You may be surprised by what you find the next time you slow down on your way from one terminal to the next.

What is your favorite airport to fly through? 

Philadelphia Airport art exhibits

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