Photo Friday Flashback to Lisbon, Portugal

 In Europe

This month I am taking the kids to Europe for the first time. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to look back on my past European adventures. Some will be when I was traveling before Mike and I got married, while others will be from our earliest escapades as a couple. Either way it will be exciting to hop down memory lane. 

The streets of Lisbon, Portugal were filled with life back in 2003. I wandered around the city with my camera pointing at everything and everyone. My aunt, who was traveling with me, patiently walked by my side, enjoying the view in whatever neighborhood I happened to drag her to that day. She filled a role that Mike would later take on once we were married.

And now my kids get to wait for me as I take pictures too.


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  • Sonja

    We just got back from Lisbon with the kids in August! Had a fantastic time in a great city! We took a day trip to Sintra, too, and loved it. Have fun!

  • Becca@R We There Yet Mom?

    Interestingly enough, it is exactly what I would picture Portugal to look like!! Great pictures.

    Thanks for linking up!

  • Nancie

    Great shots and memories. Portugal is high on my “must see” list.

  • eileen at FamiliesGo!

    Lisbon is one of those european cities that doesn’t get the crowds of London or Paris but is fascinating. Interesting food, colorful neighborhoods, history and culture. it has everything.

  • Tracy

    Lovely photos. They all look rather timeless. Well apart from the cars! It reminds me a little of some of the Eastern European cities and towns we were in. Were there many green spaces in Lisbon? It looks a little devoid of trees but maybe it’s just the area you were taking photos in.

  • Donna Spears

    Portugal is really beautiful place to live and have some vacation with. By the way you have some good shots and I really love all the photos that you have.

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