Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Mural

Mural at the intersection of American & York in Philadelphia

Every time I return to my hometown of Philadelphia I am reminded of how many hidden gems are tucked away in the city’s streets. Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program has produced over 3,600 murals throughout the city, an accomplishment that has earned the city of brotherly love the alternate title of “City of Murals.”

The thing I love most about this program, which was originally part of the Anti-graffiti Network, is that you don’t just find the murals in affluent neighborhoods. In some of the roughest areas of the city you can find large-scale masterpieces that many in the neighborhood cherish and protect.

You can take an official tour through the program, or create your own walking or driving tour. Or, like me, you can just be surprised whenever you come across a new painting as you drive through the city, rushing to where you need to be, and find delight in these not-so-small creations you get to enjoy for free.

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  • Lisa Wood

    I keep on driving past a wall that is painted, and keep saying “I must take a photo” 🙂
    I love the idea of Wall Art being about something, and starting a conversation.
    The Middle Painting, with the hands and the flowers looks like it wants to share something with you as you are looking at it, very clever Art Work 🙂

  • Paula J

    I always wonder how someone is able to paint something so huge and still have it look so realistic. Amazing 🙂

    Thanks for linking up for WW!

  • Sonja

    It’s a terrific way to eradicate graffiti, isn’t it? I love that the citizens appreciate and protect the art.

  • Reply

    Amazing illustration, that was just on the side of a building? Very cool!

  • Lisa

    Just love the idea of a city having a mural program – and that one is beautiful! I’m really going to have to get to Philadelphia some day to check it out!

  • Terumi

    What a cool idea! This picture is gorgeous!

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