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Combing through the photo archives to find just seven shots

I literally have hundreds of thousands of photographs. Many are from my old film days. Others are stuck on a hard drive where I can easily access them. Still more are in negative boxes just waiting for the day they will be moved out of my closet and scanned.

Amongst all of these images there are some photographs I am actually proud of. But how do you narrow down a lifetime of images? Thanks to Suitcases and Sippycups for passing the HostelBookers 7 Super Shots torch my way so I could try to make sense of this mountain of imagery. I started by cutting out anything I would have to scan. Then I narrowed it down to my travels. That was still a lot of images. So I decided to try to find some photographs that I haven’t shared on the blog yet.

This photo round up will cover 7 different photos I have taken over the years. They may make you laugh, cry, drool with envy or just wonder what the heck is going on. Either way they will transport you out of your everyday life.

Takes my breath away

I am very lucky to be married to a wonderful man who actually knew me, wanted to date me and then married me despite all of my personality quirks. Mike makes fun of movies with me, has no problems wandering the globe at my whim and just laughs at my need to have dessert first and the savory meal second. He is also an amazing father. This man walks in the door after a long day at work, scoops up our son and proceeds to build race tracks, feed Dek dinner and get him to bed so I can have 5 minutes of peace each night. The love Mike has for our son is perfectly reflected in just how much Dek adores his daddy. For me this picture sums that up perfectly. Here is a little boy who is so excited to be with his parents he doesn’t care what country he is in, which by the way is Kyoto, Japan.

Makes me laugh or smile

No matter how bad of a day I’m having this shot can make me laugh. I have it hanging up in our hallway for just that purpose. Dek is giving us his best “what you lookin’ at face.” I remember the absurd amount of sunscreen I had on that kid even under the swim get up. And let’s not even get into that outfit. It was Dek’s first time to Hawaii, he had my fair skin and I wasn’t taking any chances. As a red-head myself, I know what a 2nd degree sunburn feels like and I sure wasn’t going to let my then 5-month-old boy feel the sting a burn could leave behind.

Makes me dream

Mike and I visited the Villa d’Este in Tivoli just outside of Rome, Italy back in 2007 on our very belated (3+ years) honeymoon. As I plan our trip to Europe this fall I am dreaming of similar villas, sun sets, history and colors. Not to mention a whole lot of food. Our boys will be traveling with us to Europe for the first time. Our travel style has changed, but we will still get to see the beauty this fascinating and delicious country has to offer.

Makes me think

Street musician have always fascinated me. I want to know their back-story. Why are they doing it? Where did they learn to play? For this man in Lisbon, Portugal, I wanted to know why he had chosen to set up in a pedestrian underpass that not many people were using in the middle of a weekday. Was he just looking for a quiet place to practice or was it something more? I will never know.

Makes my mouth water

I love to eat. I make no secret of that. It was so hard to decide which delicacy I would share. Would it be the beautifully wrapped pastries of Kyoto or the delectable veggies from the farmers market? I decided to stick with my favorite food group- French toast. The Guava Bread Pudding French Toast at Island Lava Java on the Big Island of Hawaii still makes my mouth water. I only wish we had been there more than one weekend since that is the only time they serve this tasty treat.

Tells a story

When I was in college I did a 3-week tour of Europe with my school’s study abroad program. We saw every piece of artwork in Venice, Florence and the South of France. Trust me that is a lot of art. In our downtime I was completing class assignments we had been given at the beginning of the trip. This was one of those shots. This little boy in Venice, who is surely in his teens by now, was playing quietly with his soccer ball in one of the many squares that litter the city. Suddenly he stopped. He had found something more exciting; a little puddle to splash his feet in. His soccer game was forgotten.

A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

I can’t imagine a harder category to find a photo to match. Since my site’s focus is traveling with your kids, I thought this shot was only appropriate. It shows off the beauty of the lake in New Hampshire we were visiting, but also tells the story of a little boy. I am proud of this shot not only because I think it is a pretty good one, but also the circumstances around it. Dek and I had joined my family in New Hampshire for a week on a lake. It was a stressful trip for me. Mike wasn’t with me, we were all staying in a tiny cabin, Dek and I were sharing a very small room plus he was teething. The week started out rough, but it taught me a lot. By the end I finally relaxed, let my stress go and just enjoyed the time for what it was…a chance to catch up and let my son get to know his family.


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  • Jessica

    I love every single picture! And your stories to go with them are fantastic!

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    You do have a lovely family Keryn, I especially love Dek 5 old month pic with his dad, made me laugh out loud…:) Keep up the great work.

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    Beautiful post and love your photos – thanks for sharing! Have a Great Weekend:)

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    I like that last one too. Every time the lighting cooperates I’m proud of myself too.

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    They are all very nice! Thanks for sharing. ^^

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    Those are nice photos. Thats one thing i like about traveling. Thanks for sharing.

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    I LOVE these! What a fun meme!! I have always loved that last picture of D!

    Thanks for linking up last week! I was out of town all weekend, so sorry it took me a few days to visit you!


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    Hey, your pictures are great. I invite you to take part in our photo game as well

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