Savoring a quiet moment on Playa Flamingo Costa Rica

I don’t often get alone time when I travel solo with my kids. Traveling with my kids can be draining and distract from the fact that this is supposed to be a “vacation.” When we visit friends things are a little different. I am blessed to have many friends with amazing husbands who are happy to hang out with my little men so I can get some girl time in. Just such a day happened when I visited my friend Andrea from Wanderlust Living in Costa Rica (she has since moved to Barcelona). I was traveling with my youngest son Ty, and her husband Harris took over kid care that morning so Andrea and I could pop over to Playa Flamingo for a walk, some beach time and breakfast.


I’d had a stressful start to my spring. Visiting Andrea was the break from the norm that I desperately needed. Although it would have been easier without my son with me, we still made it work. Andrea and I took a nice walk along the curve of the beach, soaking in the early morning sun (we were up by 5 or 6am every morning to beat the heat). While she went on a run, I took a swim and explored the beach a bit. I found massive stone steps that lead up to a beautiful view, before the path turned into private property.

April is the dry season in Costa Rica, which had its advantages. Although the scenery wasn’t the usual lush green most people envision when they dream about Costa Rica, the lack of rain meant virtually no mosquitos and humidity. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take no bugs and swampy weather any day, especially since I get enough of it back home in D.C.


Walking back to meet up with Andrea, who had gone for a run, I could understand why she had decided to move here with her family. There was a relaxed way of life in these parts with many people never getting out of their swimsuit during the day or a cute beach cover up. There were several expats in the area who had opened up businesses, one of which we popped into for a quiet breakfast before heading back to the house so I could be a mom again. The Surf Box made a mean cappuccino, the perfect mango smoothie, incredible chicken tacos, and my breakfast favorite, the Mexicana, multigrain toast topped with scrambled eggs, avocado and pico de gallo.

We would visit many more beaches with and with out Ty in tow during our one week stay, but Playa Flamingo was by far the most beautiful. It might not have had the $20 massage ladies like Playa Conchal, but the water was clear, the beach was gorgeous, and year round you won’t find insane crowds taking over the sand. Although there are two hotels that you can stay in if you are a small group, my neighbors back home found it easier to rent a massive beach-front house at Playa Flamingo a few years back and their kids were never bored. You can also watch the sunset at Coco Loco every night as you sip a cocktail and indulge in a little parrotfish ceviche (seriously. Get the ceviche. It’s like butter melting in your mouth). If you are looking for the quiet, slow-paced beach life you crave, you can’t go wrong on Playa Flamingo.

Have you been to Costa Rica yet?


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