Post Partum Travel: It would be so much easier to just stay home

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Seattle Children's MuseumA recent trip to the Seattle Children’s Museum reaffirmed my belief that it would just be easier to stay home. All the time. Never leaving the house again. What was I thinking going to a museum, on what appeared to be school trip day, with a toddler and 4 week old. I hadn’t slept in weeks. I wasn’t up for it at all.

It’s not that the museum was horrible; it was great. For Dek. Who ran around like a madman with all the other kids while I trailed after him.

I remember being there less than an hour, looking at my clock and thinking, “dear God, can I please go back to my PJs and couch now? Why in the world did I even leave the house today?”

I started to list all of the reasons why my day would have been so much better if I had just stayed home.

  • No diaper bags and snacks to pack
  • No breastfeeding in public
  • No tiny baby to strap on or huge stroller to maneuver
  • No excess energy expended during an outing necessitating an after lunch nap
  • No clock to race home for nap time
  • No crying baby or willful toddler to contend with (oh wait, yes there would, they still live with me!)

After I had gotten all of my exhausted frustrations out, the rational side of my brain butted in for a little devil’s advocate work.

If I didn’t ever leave my house or get out of my jammies I would…

  • Probably smell pretty bad. Leaving the house generally insures I shower. It would also mean I had to change clothes.
  • Lose my mind after watching my ten thousandth episode of Curious George and Super Why.
  • Starve since no one would have gone to the grocery store (hmmm…Amazon Fresh could solve that problem)
  • Clean my house excessively since I would have to get all of that energy I stored up by sitting on the couch out somehow.
  • Get to the end of the Internet. There is only so much of it. I’m sure I’ve seen 30% at least. And no, I’m not counting all of the porn and cat videos that are out there in my totals. I only calculating the legitimate sites like those with dancing dogs.

All noble goals to be sure, but it’s just not for me.

Seattle Children's MuseumThe number one reason I do leave the house is because I would not like the person I’d become if I didn’t.  It’s just not who I am. I thrive on social interaction. I burst with joy every time Dek and I discover something new and he turns to me with that goofy smile on his face because his world has been opened up even more. I live in anticipation of the moment Ty eyes light up with wonder as he sees a new part of the world.

I NEED to see what else is out there, what others before me have seen and explored. I’ve got quite a list.

I just have to:

  • taste the best French toast in the world
  • finish my cupcake battle challenge in Seattle
  • search out the best roast pig
  • perfect my high school Spanish before I’m 70 (it’s not going so well at the moment)
  • dance in the streets of Buenos Aires
  • get a sunburn on a Greek Island
  • conquer my fear of fish touching me by snorkeling in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  • expose my kids to the wonderful taste of soursop  (and durian, cause you have to taste it at least once)
  • find that restaurant in Rome that had the best pesto linguine in the history of all eating
  • swim with a dolphin and get a hug from an elephant (I promised my 10-year-old self I would do these two. She is grateful.)

The list really could go on and on. It doesn’t even include Mike’s ideas or what the kids want to do. Not that they get much of a say. I’m the one planning the trips after all.

Seattle CenterAs exhausting as that trip to the children’s museum was, I was still remind why we travel. Sure it wears Dek out so he takes an extra long nap, but it also opens both of our eyes to what else is out there. Maybe going out only 4 weeks after Ty was born wasn’t the best idea, but live and learn right?

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  • Reply

    You’re a brave woman! I’m pretty sure I’d be the one in my jammies on the couch watching the 1000th episode of The Wiggles. Even braver to be taking a newborn to a conference.

  • Lisa Wood

    You are sure brave going out with boys little ones to the museum when its school holidays! But I so get what you are saying…I go stir crazy when I am home doing nothing.

    At least your boys will sure have the most amazing experience with travelling and learning about life!

  • Mom

    Your sense of humor always delights me. Yes, get out, but there is something to be said for pacing yourself! But then, it’s my special privilege to obsess about your health. I do wish we had been there to help out with this adventure, and even more so to see the sheer delight that only D can express when he discovers something new.

  • Micki@TheBarefootNomad

    I so feel your pain. Dealing with a baby and toddler at the same time is such a challenge, traveling or not. My kids are six and three now, and I swear it’s soooo much easier.

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      so great to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

  • Reply

    Great post! Yes, travelling with little ones is tough, but we can’t just stay home and do nothing! Thanks for linking up, please come again soon!

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