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Checking out the tulips north of Seattle at 37 weeks

We are coming into the home stretch with baby boy #2. Some days I feel like a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. Other days I doubt this will ever happen and try to go on with life as usual. Mostly I just think about how to entertain Dek and what we will have for dinner that night. Life still has to go on when you have a baby on the way. Hard to imagine I know.

As you have seen, being pregnant hasn’t really stopped my wanderings. Sure my steps are a bit slower, we stick closer to home and we don’t go out adventuring everyday, but what am I supposed to do while we wait for this little guy to pop out? Sit on the couch? I don’t think so! Dek would never allow it.

I reached out to my friends and fellow travel bloggers to see who else wasn’t able to sit still while pregnant. Unsurprisingly many of them were still hitting the pavement and even the skies well into their 7th, 8th and even 9th months. It has been inspiring to see and learn a little bit about their adventures. And I must say, we are some very good-looking pregnant travelers, wouldn’t you agree?

Nic takes on Hollywood

Nic, my friend and co-conspirator in most of my local wanderings, wasn’t afraid to get out and show her family the town when she lived in California. Well into her 3rd trimester with her son El she was wandering around Hollywood showing her sister and mother the sights when they flew down for a visit.

Colleen craved long walks, not the burgers, in her 3rd trimester

Colleen @ Travel Mamas “Some pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream but I was craving long walks in a forest filled with tall trees. Two and a half months before my son was born, my husband and I took a road trip from San Diego through a bunch of SoCal beach towns, the Danish-influenced Solvang, and gorgeous Santa Barbara up to the Redwood forests of Big Sur. This babymoon helped my husband and I to re-connect as a couple before welcoming our second-born to our brood.”

Impending labor or not, Nicole was going to be in her best friend’s wedding

Nicole @ Arrows Sent Forth “When my best friend set the date for her wedding, I looked at the calendar and realized it was just 2 1/2 weeks from my due date with our second child. But even though she lives 7 hours from us, there was no way I was going to miss the most important day of her life. My husband and I took the drive slowly, included plenty of breaks, and really enjoyed one last trip before baby arrived. Plus, I got to stand beside my best friend on her big day. I’ll always look back fondly on that trip, but maybe no so fondly on the sight of me in a giant bridesmaid dress.”

Marina explores Guatemala at 7.5 months pregnant

Marina @ Travel Experta (shown here at 7.5 months pregnant) “We did a lot of travel while I was pregnant, but probably the most fun part was visiting a cave system and climbing to the top of a vista point overlooking a 150 meter natural limestone bridge in Guatemala.”

Debbie tackles Legoland with 2.75 kids in tow

Debbie @ Delicious Baby Pregnant with Eilan, her 3rd child, Debbie headed to Legoland with her husband and 2 older children to have a little fun.

Cars, trains and buses were all Jennifer needed to keep on traveling through her 3rd trimester

Jennifer Miner @ The Vacation Gals “I traveled all the time while pregnant. I took the Long Island Rail Road (if you live in the northeast, you know what a drag the LIRR is) from our apartment in NYC to the east end of Long Island often; my parents live in a tiny house in the unfashionable part of East Hampton during the spring, summer, and early fall. I also took the Peter Pan bus (like Greyhound, but with less refined service, so to speak) twice a week to Hartford, where at the time I was taking classes towards a PhD that ended up not happening. We rented cars and drove to upstate NY and to the Jersey Shore; this was back when the Jersey Shore had connotations of Bruce Springsteen, rather than Snooki….Pregnancy doesn’t have to slow any woman down unless there are complications or doctor’s orders to do so.”

Kirstie kept on paddling in Samoa even while pregnant

Kirstie @ Family on a Bike  Six weeks into a year-long around the world adventure, Kirstie found out she was pregnant with her 3rd child. What to do? Put an end to this dream adventure or was there another way? She got the OK from her doctor and they kept pushing forward. Camping, hiking, swimming and kayaking were on their list of things to do and she didn’t miss a minute of it.

Barbara explores Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in the final weeks of her pregnancy

Barbara @ The Dropout Diaries “I was pregnant in Vietnam, the crazy busy exotic country where I met the man of my dreams, known on my blog as Darling Man. During the pregnancy, we went to Cambodia for a long weekend, had a few weekends away within Vietnam and had a lovely week in Krabi in Thailand. Being pregnant hardly slowed me down at all. The only downside was not being able to eat crustaceans or drink ice, the only two food restrictions recommended by my French obstetrician. After an inspection of the Western hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, I decided to go home to give birth. On the very last day I was allowed to fly, which I think was 35 weeks, I boarded a plane home to Australia. Darling Man’s family turned up at the airport to say goodbye and then I was off, on an overnight flight (which seems to be the only way to get to Australia from Asia).  Three weeks later Darling Man joined me in Australia and we became tourists, exploring Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. One of the highlights was a visit to the Big Pineapple, an iconic Australian tourist attraction.”

Sandra barefoot and pregnant in the Virgin Islands

Sandra Foyt @ Albany Kid headed to the Virgin Islands while pregnant and hasn’t stopped traveling since.

As you can see not everyone has to slow down, camp out on the couch and wait 9 months for their life to start again, a lesson I wish I had learned before Dek was born. You can get up and go right now. As long as your doctor gives you the OK there are still lots of ways to explore and see the world. Check out the Pregnant Travels page for more inspiration or click on the links some of these ladies have shared with their traveling tales. Don’t let fear stop you from experiencing the world, even with a little one baking away. He or she will probably enjoy the ride and will definitely love the stories you tell them about where they visited before they were even out and about in the world.

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  • Sandra Foyt

    So many gorgeous women – inside and out – proving that pregnancy doesn’t slow a wandering (and wondering) spirit! Love this post!

  • Marina K. Villatoro

    We are definitely looking good! Pregnancy is what men wish they went through 🙂

  • Sabine

    I am so glad I found your blog and that post in particular. I am now a week over my due date and was very active, kept traveling throughout my pregnancy. I heard every so often to slow down but that would habe been dreadful for me 😉 even today I went to the airport to breath in some travel air… Whilst others get the nesting instinct I am still having the travel bug.

    We already found out how to get the baby a passport and our first trip will be to Finland in August.

    We will def. follow your blog! Thanks for sharing your travel tales and happy travels 🙂

    • Keryn Means

      So glad you kept traveling and can’t wait to hear about your trip to Finland! We may head that way next summer. Still debating.

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