Holiday Postcards from Wellsboro, PA

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The boys and I have been hibernating for the past few days up in Wellsboro, PA with Mike’s family. It is always a special and relaxing time for all of us. Mike’s parents swoop on in to play with Dek and we get to sleep in late. This trip Mike and I even snuck in a little date to the movies and a walk around town.

Downtown Wellsboro was all dressed up for Christmas. With a lot of Victoria style homes this was Christmas at its finest. I grew up in an old Victorian, so they will always have a very special place in my heart. I thought I would share a little of our holiday wander through town and what made it magical this year.

Main Street was pretty quiet as many locals checked out the local after Christmas sales or stayed home to continue visits with their families. 

The local library was shut down for the holidays but still showed off a little festive cheer

Local churches were busy on Christmas day but quiet the next morning

Wreaths and window candles were the decoration of choice for many Victoria homes and historic buildings. The pink house (bottom left) is for sale if you’re interested. Only $550k.

Wynken, Blynken and Nod look on as the town square Christmas tree lights pop on in downtown Wellsboro

Shoppers head home and the Christmas tree lights pop on as the sun starts to set

With a fond farewell we headed back to Mike’s parents to check on our little guy and wrap up our holiday visit. Until next time Wellsboro.

For more information on Wellsboro, PA check out previous posts from our summer visit. 

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  • Jessica

    Looks like such a charming place. I am glad you are getting some time to relax.

  • donationcan

    I’m terribly homesick for PA. Thank you for sharing.

  • hikinginparadise

    I miss the charm of the old victorian as well. We’re going to need to check that out when we get back to the mainland. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa Wood

    Love the Christmas decorations in the town – and the pink house is so cute! How good would that be – a sleep in, and time together – perfect.


  • paul Jaquay

    How about selling your pictures in a postcard format?

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