Friday Postcards from Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park


What can I say about Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park? It is probably one of the most surprising and stunningly beautiful places I have ever been. Redwood trees reach up into the sky, trying to pull the clouds down with their branches. It is a magical wonderland for kids and parents alike.

We hit the Redwoods on the third day of our two-week cross-country road trip. It was our first two-night stop somewhere and it was very necessary. The boys were getting cranky from being in the car and so was I. We needed to run.

Redwoods State Park

And run we did. I think Ty outran us all. His little 2-year-old legs brought him up and down hills, under branches, through trees that had grown together and back and forth in front of one of the largest trees in the world. There seem to be no end to his energy.

After a morning of running we found that there was a limit. Ty fell asleep on the way to one of the beaches on the California coast we wanted to check out that was in the state park. Instead of eating lunch on the beach, Mike, Dek and I made peanut butter sandwiches near a campsite so we could let Ty sleep for a bit, but still take in a little of the natural beauty of the park. No matter how much you think you can push your toddler, it seems they always know what is best for them when it comes to nap time. He’s been dictating his nap time ever since, even if it means Mike and I have to take turns running up a trail to see different view points in Yosemite and other parts of our trip.

What’s the most beautiful park you have ever visited? 

Redwoods State Park


Redwoods State Park

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  • Michele {Malaysian Meanders}

    Dek is positively dwarfed by those enormous redwoods, and that’s a lovely family photo at the end. I have a hard time picking my favorite park. There are so many to choose from and they are so different from each other. I’ll pick Hakone around Mount Fuji for the variety, the volcanic activity, and the I-can’t-believe-I’m-at-Mt. Fuji feeling.

  • Mary {The World Is A Book}

    I’m glad the whole family enjoyed the stop at Prairie Creek Redwoods. This was one of our favorite stops too.It’s such a gorgeous place and I could get lost in those majestic tree groves. I never would have expected them to be such great natural playgrounds for kids. Mine could have stayed there all day too.

  • Kara {Our Whole Village}

    There is something so magical about the redwood forests. It looks like the boys found a bit of that magic (and some extra energy)!

  • Eileen @ FamiliesGO!

    The Redwoods in California are fantastic. We’ve had so many great experiences at state parks around the country. The national parks are gems, but certainly not the only resource!

  • Kate @WildTalesof...

    Lovely! Love the very first photo of Dek among the giants! I’ve loved following along with your road trip—such an awesome thing to experience as a family.

  • Andi

    Most beautiful park – tough one! I think the park in Versailles! And the tiny little peek I got of Yosemite! Visiting Yellowstone next year, I am sure that will be a beauty!

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