Pregnant Over the Holidays

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Don’t let the holidays get you stressed. Embrace the chaos, find some quiet and have a little fun.

Traveling over the holidays can be stressful in and of itself. Add in pregnancy and it can be doubly so. You are tired, more emotional and maybe not holding onto your lunch so well. There are some easy things to help you make it through though.

Getting There

  • Take a direct flight whenever possible (See Pregnant and Flying for more air travel tips)
  • If you are driving in a car, schedule in frequent stops, more than the usual 5 minute potty breaks, so you can stretch your legs and get the blood flowing again.

During Your Stay

  • Schedule some downtime for yourself. Your body may not realize it is using so much energy at first. Take care of yourself now before you crash.
  • Chances are if this is your first child then your in-laws and your own family will be so thrilled they will let you get away with more than usual. Excuse yourself after lunch for a nap or just some time in bed reading a book. If you have kids, this is even more important. Grab the grandparents to hang with the little ones while you get a much needed sanity break and rest.
  • Go to bed a little earlier than usual. Give yourself time to unwind and relax those muscles. Do some stretches before bed to avoid cramps and loosen up your hips.
  • Get out and take a walk whenever possible. Sitting around the living room catching up with friends and family is great, but you need to get up, stretch and move your legs. Keep your circulation flowing and those muscles moving for your growing baby.

As chaotic as the holidays may seem, at least you didn’t have to take a horse and carriage to get there.

Don’t Sweat It

With every trip, hiccups happen. Flights get delayed and cancelled, family members you have been longing to see decide not to show up, and old man winter may make roads impossible to drive. You can’t control these things no matter how hard you try.

If your mom burns the roast your pregnant body has been craving for the past 6 months, let it go. It’s so easy to get worked up by the little things when all those hormones are cruising through your system. Trust me, I know. I had a minor blow up last night over some unforeseen changes to our holiday plans. A deep breath and a good night sleep can put everything back into perspective. So when you are stranded at JFK on Christmas Eve with no free seats in sight, find the bright side. If you can’t, demand that your partner find it for you. Your brain might not be able to go there, but his can.

Holiday Alternatives

If you normally travel to see family, consider staying home for the holidays and heading out a little later to visit everyone. Schedules will be a lot less hectic if you travel after the New Year. You can take your time with family instead of running around to every house to see every relative and friend you haven’t seen in years. Consider this your only year off. After all, next year everyone will want to see the baby and you will have no more excuses.

For more pregnant fun head on over to the new Pregnant Travels page. I’m always adding updates and new topics so check back often. 

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