Try a brain dump when you can’t get to sleep

Insomnia and Pregnancy

Well you are up. Again. It’s fun isn’t it? You have been lying in bed for hours willing yourself to sleep. Your body already started prepping you for parenthood by making you have to get up to pee every 2 hours, why does it need to keep you wide awake for hours on end on top of that? Sometimes your body doesn’t know what is best, but really, what can you do? You can get use this quiet time that’s what.

I can’t sit around doing nothing while my brain is running non-stop. I have a note pad by my bed just so I can jot a thought down in the dark if it won’t leave me. These days I just get up, flipping on my laptop and writing away. After all, blogging doesn’t just keep our family informed of our travels, give inspiration to families who dream of traveling with kids, and fill in all that free time I pretend to have. It also keeps me sane when my brain won’t shut down long enough to allow a few hours of sleep. The further along I get the more the little baby in my belly continues to nudge me, keeping me awake a little while longer as well.

What can you do when you can’t sleep at night?

  • Read a book
  • Start a blog or catch up on a favorite blog
  • Flip through the channels to see how many infomercials have taken over your favorite channels at 3am.
  • Hop on Pinterest and start organizing the Internet in a way only your brain will be able to figure out.
  • See who is awake on Twitter at 1am.
  • Grab that stack of magazines you have been trying to read and start plowing through them.
  • Watch all 8 seasons of Buffy on Netflix. Done with that? Move onto Angel.

Oh sure you could troll the Internet looking for tips on how you can get yourself to sleep by picturing an ocean scene or breathing air into every limb. That works only part of the time for me. What works best is to dump everything out of my brain that I can, then read a book until my eyes start to cross, turn out the light and pass out. It’s not scientifically proven, or even recommended by doctors I’m sure, but it works for me.

How do you fall asleep when the insomnia monster comes to visit? Do you get active or just grumble in bed willing your brain to shut down?