Smiling on the outside, scared on the inside

Pregnancy Fear Alternatives

I was terrified when I was pregnant with Dek. There is nothing worse than knowing something big is coming your way, something that will probably be rather uncomfortable and mess up your body for a bit. The stress and anxiety can take over until you can’t think of anything but the impending birth of your child. Yes, part of me was very excited to meet Dek and hold him in my arms, but most of me couldn’t get past exactly how we would go about getting him out into the world. I’d had labor fears for as far back as I could remember. I’m a control freak. I had to know exactly what it would feel like, how intense contractions would be and above all, when it would happen and when it would be over.

Sadly my doctor was not able to give me everything I wanted. She was fantastic and probably the best OB on earth, but even she can’t predict when a natural birth will trigger. So short of a scheduled C-Section I was stuck. I had to come up with ways to distract myself so I could focus on the positive and not the fears I had about what was to come. Here are a few things I came up with.

  • Do some nesting
  • Grab a friend and go register for the fun baby stuff, not the overwhelming things that involved endless research and safety checks.
  • Add 100 movies to your Netflix queue, none of which should make you cry
  • Read a trashy romance novel or satire. Nothing too heavy to make you worry about one more thing.
  • Start a blog or find a new blog to follow
  • Hop on your favorite cooking site and start baking for all your friends, co-workers and family. They might as well gain a few pounds along with you.
  • Shop for shoes (not clothes that might depress you in your current size)
  • Plan a night out or even a weekend away with your girlfriends
  • Plan a babymoon

And my all time favorite way to avoid pregnancy and delivery anxiety:

  • Plan your first post baby trip
    • Research till your heart’s content
    • Track plane ticket prices
    • Read every hotel review on Trip Advisor
    • Find activities you all can do together
    • Pour over blogs that cover the destination you are headed too
    • Find tips and tricks for getting out the door on your very first adventure…going to the grocery store with a baby. Conquering that first step will launch you into the confidence you will need to go even further out the door.

I’m happy to report I came out on the other side of pregnancy just fine. Labor was not as horrible as I had feared (let’s just say Freddie Kruger with chain saws and ax murders were in my visions). We went to Maui after Dek was born and had a great time thanks to all my post baby trip planning.

I am now into the 3rd trimester with Baby Boy #2 and all I can do is wonder “are we done yet? Let’s get this kid out already.” I’m not very patient as you can see. I’m working away on a few post baby trips and have been scheduling even more prebaby trips than when I was pregnant with Dek. I know how this pregnancy thing goes (for the most part) and I’m not as scared of the uncertainties anymore. Either way this little guy is coming out. I might as well have a little fun before he does and make sure we all do once he joins us.

What is (or was) your favorite way to prep for your new baby?