Pregnant and Flying

Who says your flying days are over when you get pregnant? Not me that’s for sure. I flew 3 times during my first pregnancy, once in my first trimester and twice in my second. So far I’ve flown twice in my 2nd trimester with baby #2. Each flight is different, but not uncomfortable. You just have to learn the tricks that work for you.

Before You Take Off

  • Talk to your doctor about your travel plans
  • If you have severe morning sickness (or even all day sickness), ask your doctor what you can do and if there is any medication you can take to help you on your flight.
  • Get a copy of your medical records from your OB or midwife to take with you just in case of an emergency, especially if you are going abroad.

What to Wear

  • Wear very comfy clothes. Having a tight bellyband pressed against your bladder during a flight is not a fun way to spend your time.
  • Layer up. Wear light layers so you can adjust with the temperature during the flight. Getting stuck on the jet way with a heavy sweater and no air circulation is not healthy for anyone, let alone a hot pregnant woman.
  • If you have circulation issues, wear a pair of control top panty hose.

Pack in Your Carry On

  • Snacks. Apple slices, crackers, cheese sticks, PB&J, banana bread, etc. (for more ideas check our Plane Food & Recipes.) Be sure to pack something with protein in it and some carbs to keep your energy up.
  • Water. Even though they give you water on the plane, you will probably need more. Buy a bottle before you get on the plane
  • Air sickness bags. Travel in your 1st trimester can be tricky. Make sure you are prepared with a few air sickness bags, some soda crackers and anything else that makes you more comfortable when you are nauseous at home.

Activities During Your Flight

  • Drink water. Avoid carbonated beverages that can cause uncomfortable gas.
  • Walk, walk, walk. Walk the length of the plane.
  • Stretch. Head towards the bathrooms or exit rows and do a little modified yoga.
  • Don’t ignore your bladder. You may not know you have to go, but give it a try every couple of hours. You may be surprised.
  • If you like to zone out to a movie, do a few kegals as you watch. Make sure you get up half way through the movie to take a walk and a potty break. Blood clots aren’t fun.