Pregnant Day Trips

All throughout my pregnancy Dek and I have been enjoying at least one morning a week exploring something new. Almost every day we are out of the house, but I like to dedicate one day to checking out something fun in or around the city that we have never seen before. Sometimes we even push nap time and head out on a day trip to explore.

In my first trimester this was a challenge. My morning sickness looked more like all day nausea and exhaustion. Not a fun combo when you have a toddler to entertain. It was important for my health, sanity and child that I drag myself off the couch to get us outside while the weather was still good. I had a few friends help me out and get me motivated. This was key to my survival those first few months.

By the second trimester I was the one leading the way on our adventures. Every other day I had a new idea of what we could do. I would call friends and drag them along for the ride.

It all came to a screeching halt late into my third trimester. No one was eager to make the cranky pregnant woman leave the house; no one but my own toddler that is. For his benefit I still venture out just not as often as my brain would like. My body needs me to slow down but I still need to keep my child entertained. Dek just won’t sit in front of the TV for 12 hours a day no matter how much I wish he would some days.

So how do you make the day trips work when your stomach just keeps growing and the baby on the inside is competing with the baby you may have on the outside?

Make a plan. Open your calendar and start putting little things you can do each day on it. As you get farther along in your pregnancy space the adventures out a little more so you have time to recover.

Enlist help. When your motivation goes by the wayside, find a buddy to help you out. If it’s not your spouse then grab a friend who likes to get out of the house with her kids or enjoys jogging. Even if you don’t have a child you still have to keep your body moving. Find a walking partner or a yoga buddy. Anything to keep those limbs loose and moving.

Pack a bag. Throw a small bag in your car with some essentials. A bottle of water, snacks (cereal bars, crackers, etc.), fruit and a bagel usual do it for me. The last thing you want to do is be hungry and stranded with nothing to get your blood sugar up.

Stay Close to Home. Day trip implies you can get there and back in a day. For me that usually means no more than 1-3 hours in any direction. As you enter your 3rd trimester think about how far you want to be from the hospital or birth center if you go into labor. Keep your adventures a little closer; say in the 1-hour travel time frame. You will tire more easily and probably not want to drive very far to get your head resting on a pillow when the mood strikes you.

Day Trip Ideas

  • Visit your local flower nursery
  • Hike in and around your area
  • Walk to the local playground
  • Picnic in the park
  • Wander over to a local farm to check out the action
  • Check out playtime at an indoor pool
  • Explore a nearby town
  • Eat your way through a farmers market
  • Walk through the impressionist exhibit at a museum one day and the post-modernists the next (or any other exhibit that catches your fancy)

What are some of your favorite day trip itineraries?