Big Island of Hawaii (November 2011)

Pregnant in the Tropics

If you live in a hot and humid climate, you may already know the importance of taking care of yourself. I live in a moderate to cold climate, so a few extra reminders are needed whenever I head out on a beach vacation or just to visit friends and family.

  1. Drink lots of water. When you think you have had enough, drink some more. I am very, very bad at this. Over heating is not fun.
  2. Locate the Bathrooms. Do yourself a favor and take note of every McDonald’s, port-a-potty and rest stop you see. You will need them. A lot. With heat comes the need to drink more water. You will be running to the potty even more than usual, as if that is even possible.
  3. Get your protein and vitamins in. Don’t just snack. It’s so easy to grab something on the go and head back to the beach or explore. Your body needs nutrients more than ever. Make the effort to actually eat meals.
  4. Remember to rest. Yes, you are on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you are actually doing any resting, especially if you have other kids. Take a nap, put your feet up with a good book, watch a brainless movie while the hubby takes the kid(s) out to the beach.
  5. Keep an eye on your fingers and toes. You may start to swell a little more than usual due to the heat. It’s best to just take off your rings instead of risking them getting stuck.


  • One cute and comfy cotton maxi dress. Use it as a beach cover up, to go out to dinner, lay around the house, etc.
  • A swim suit that makes you feel gorgeous. You will be in it a lot. Might as well show off all your new curves.
  • Disposable breast pads. If you are towards the end of your 2nd trimester your breasts may start to leak a little colostrum. Don’t be surprised and don’t be caught off guard.
  • Maternity tank tops. Sleep in them, wear them on a walk, at the beach or around the house.
  • One pair of shorts you can bum around in and use on the beach
  • Comfy flip-flops. I recommend Chacos just because my $50 pair has lasted through 3 years and 2 pregnancies. They don’t rub between my toes weird or give me blisters, but you may find a different brand that works for you.
  • Sunscreen. Your skin is a bit more sensitive when you are pregnant. Plus there is that pesky skin cancer issue. Even if you tan like a gold goddess, use sunscreen! Don’t just take my word for it though. The American Pregnancy Association has a few sun worship tips too.
Please note that all advice is my own and what I have gleaned from my travels and experiences. Doctors have not verified any of this information. Use your judgement and ask you OB/GYN or midwife if you are uncertain or have concerns.