Take a Babymoon or Familymoon


What is a Family Moon you may be asking yourself? Well it is my failed attempt at a clever play on the babymoon. It’s not exactly a new term though. I’ve mainly heard it used to describe a holiday new families takes together when a new family is formed by marriage (single mom with kids or two divorced parents with kids get hitched, etc.) It is a way for the family to bond after the wedding and all start their new lives together. I’m using it in a slightly different way here.

My familymoon is a babymoon, but with our toddler along for the ride. Mike and I never got to take a babymoon before Dek was born. We were too busy working. I was taking 2 months maternity leave, how could I possibly spare a long weekend. The reality is we didn’t make it a priority and we should have. I’m not making the same mistake twice. We don’t have family near by to watch Dek for a weekend away as a couple, so he gets to come along too. I like it better this way.

Our family is about to change once again. Another little guy is on the way and about to shift our family dynamic. We have gotten used to our way of life. Why not celebrate these last 2 months together as we are now?

This is not to say that we are sad that life will be changing. We are thrilled! Dek will have a playmate for life. We will have another little boy to call our own. I’ll have two boys to mold into the perfect men (yes future 30 year olds, my boys will know how to cook and clean like the best of them and they will be practicing on my house.)

I’m taking these last few trips together as a chance to bask in the wonderful little boy that God has already blessed us with. I’m showering Dek with a few extra kisses and hugs before another little guy takes up the other half of my lap. Oh yeah, and I’ll remember that man I feel in love with so many years ago that made this growing family possible. I supposed I really should give Mike a few extra hugs and kisses as well.

So take a break from the norm. Pull your kids out of school if you have too. Have a celebration of what has been and what is to come. Your family will never look like this again. It will grow and change and become something you could have never dreamed of. It really does only get better, or so they tell me.

What about you? Are you taking a babymoon? Maybe your own version of a familymoon?