Quick exit from Switzerland at the Radisson Blu Zurich Airport

Traveling with little ones on your own isn’t always easy, especially if you are in a foreign country and you need to get to the airport. When it was time for the boys and I to wrap up our 5-week trip through Europe and head back home, I knew we would have to stay at a hotel our last night. We ended our trip in Bern, Switzerland at my friend Tara’s house (who just so happens to be the lady behind our sister site WalkingOnMom.com). I had a late morning flight and I knew getting from her house to the Zurich airport in time to catch our flight would be cutting it close if I tried to do it all in one morning. I would need a hotel and it needed to be as convenient as possible.

The Radisson Blu Zurich Airport Hotel was the perfect solution. The hotel is connected to the airport. Just a five-minute walk would bring us to ticketing. I wouldn’t have to wake everyone up early. I wouldn’t have to drag bags on and off the train. We could have a leisurely breakfast and head to check in and our gate. I booked our king room with a pull out couch and we were good to go.

What made this experience even more enjoyable is that Tara offered to accompany the boys and I to Zurich. She spent the night and helped us get to the airport in the morning. Now I have done the airport thing with my boys all by myself many, many times. I have my system down. However, I will never say no to an extra set of hands to help herd the boys and our bags. This also gave me one last night with my best friend, a gal I don’t get to see more than once a year if that since she lives so far away.


Perfect location

The Radisson Blu Zurich really couldn’t be more perfectly situated. It is connected to the airport, so you never have to go outside. There are plenty of elevators to get you to the airport from the hotel, but best of all, there is a shopping center in the same massive complex as the hotel, airport and oh yes, the train. This entire building is known as Airport City. You never have to worry about dragging kids and bags in the rain as you make connections or while looking for a bite to eat.

If we wanted to get to central Zurich, it was only a 10-minute train ride away. We spent the majority of our day in Bern, so we opted to eat dinner close to the hotel in Airport Shopping. There was a food court and a few restaurants, plus a plenty of shops to grab snacks for the plane, and a bottle of wine and a few macarons for a late night picnic in the bathroom with Tara while my boys slept.



This hotel’s décor definitely deserves special mention, something I can’t say about every hotels I have visited. The Radisson Blu Zurich Airport took the idea of functional modern and ran with it. The interior dark gray walls are accented with brightly colored artwork and pops of color, but the main attraction in the lobby is the wine tower where the Flying Angels soar across the racks to grab the bottle of your choice as the lights in the tower slowly change color.

Too often modern design means cold, uncomfortable and sterile, but the Radisson Blu has managed to make their high-concept hotel inviting and fun to explore. The boys loved the antler fixture in the breakfast room (AKA the Angels’ Wine Tower Grill the rest of the day). The Filini Restaurant was warm and inviting to go along with their Italian-inspired menu using light-toned woods to downplay the sharp angles of the furniture. Guestrooms used red accents, which can make guests a little angry, but these accents along with the white linens and deep blue carpet in our room made it more fun than foreboding.



Our room was spacious, especially compared to many other rooms we have stayed in across Europe. The pull out couch was already set up for the boys and the king bed was large enough for Tara and I to share without knocking into each other at night. Honestly we could have fit a few more rollaway beds in the room plus more bags. It was that big.

The room featured free Wi-Fi, a desk to work on and a TV for the kids to watch Swiss television while I unpacked and repacked. The bathroom was large enough for Tara and I to throw a few towels down on the floor and stretch out a bit while the boys went to bed. This was our last night together and even after a week at her house we still had plenty to talk about.



  • 330 standard and business-class rooms plus one-bedroom suites are available
  • All guests have access to PACE Fitness. You can work out or just relax in the sauna and steam bath. Guests are also welcome to use the large Airport Fitness and Wellness Center below the hotel.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel for guests
  • Complimentary breakfast buffet- the buffet included your basic fruit, yogurt, granola, coffee, pastries and a few hot dishes. It is definitely enough to fill you up before a flight. The coffee was decent too and the juice was plentiful for the kids.
  • Sound proof windows so you aren’t woken up by airplanes coming and going from the airport next door.

As Tara and I chatted over breakfast the next morning we went over what made this hotel great for families traveling, especially solo parents who had to get the kids to the airport on their own. Besides being so convenient to Terminal 1 at Zurich Airport, the staff was very accommodating to families with kids. My boys were ecstatic to receive a little chocolate at check in while they waited for our keys to be made.

Business travelers normally grace this hotel, although vacationers are certainly staying there too. The price can be a bit steep for the average family, but as we sat chatting, we both agreed that the convenience was worth it. When it comes to getting from point A to point B with your kids, sometimes you tighten your money belt on one thing so you can splurge on another, guaranteeing that you have an amazing trip. From the massive rooms and free breakfast to the lovely staff and chic décor, we will definitely be staying here again the next time we fly through to see our friends in Switzerland.


Many thanks to the Radisson Blu Zurich Hotel for hosting my family for one night for the purposes of this review to see whether their hotel would work for a solo mom traveling with her kids. As always, my opinions are my own; when they aren’t you will be the first to know.

3 thoughts on “Quick exit from Switzerland at the Radisson Blu Zurich Airport”

  1. What a surprisingly beautiful airport hotel! We’ve stayed at a couple airport hotels for convenience but never one attached to the airport. That must be a joy to be able to drop a rental car (if you have it) in advance but still get to easily get to the terminal. Looks beautiful!

  2. I used to have to stay in Zurich a fair bit when I worked in Europe. Now it’s just for pleasure and this hotel looks tops. It’s way nicer than any other airport hotel I’ve stayed in (or seen). Thanks for the rec!

  3. Sometimes, an airport hotel is the only way to go for convenience alone. To get such great amenities and attractive decor on top of that is frosting on the cake.

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