Rain Won’t Stop Us From Seeing Dr. Maze’s Farm near Seattle Washington


The Three Musketeers (from left)- Lee, Dek and El have fun together wherever they go

One of my favorite people to explore the Seattle area with is my friend Nic. As a mother of two active kids under 4 years old, she is always looking for ways to entertain her kids just like I am. Every week we check in with each other to see what our schedules look like. We also look at the weather.

This active farm had gourds and pumpkins of every shape and size

This past week it was going to be rainy. Surprise, surprise in Seattle I know. The nice thing about Seattle rain is that it generally does not last long or it is just a light drizzle. It is rarely a tropical downpour. With a pair of rain boots and a raincoat we can still get the kids outside to have some fun. What better place to go than a pumpkin patch and farm on a cloudy day anyway? It just fits with the autumn weather.

Dr. Maze’s farm was quiet with only a few other families and a preschool class.

We all packed up and met at Dr. Maze’s Farm in Redmond, WA (about 30 minutes outside of the city.) Dr. Maze is one of the only pumpkin patches and farms Nic and I have found that is open on the weekdays. Most are only open to the public on the weekends when kids don’t have school.

The pint-sized hay bail maze was a big hit with Dek who could wander and climb all over it without feeling lost even once.

Lee checks out the pigmy goats. I just couldn’t help laughing at the sign near them.

This farm was perfect for the under 4 set and maybe that is why they are open all week. Almost every activity was at the right height for Dek (2), Lee (2) and El (4). There was a mini hay bail maze that all three kids could climb around and figure out without getting lost or scared. For 25 cents El was able to get some food out of a dispenser and hand feed the pigmy goats and alpacas. Dek and Lee could have too, but they were a little more timid when it came to the animals.

El found a new friend in a white alpaca who just loved to be hand fed

Lee takes a ride on a hay bail horse. Give her the reigns. She’s ready to go.

Another favorite attraction was the duck race. There weren’t actually any rubber ducks in our troughs at the time, but that didn’t stop the kids. They could not stop playing with the hand pumps that gushed water. They kept running back to give the pumps one more go. As if we weren’t wet enough, why not get a little soggier?

Anything to do with water is always a hit, add in a pump and we have a winner

What could be more fun than three different tires for three different kids?

We were all having so much fun we almost forgot that we were at a pumpkin patch. We did a little stomping through the field checking out the warty, orange pumpkins and the smooth white ones. It just wasn’t as much fun as all the other stuff on the farm.

There were so many great kid activities we almost forgot that Dr. Maze was full of pumpkins too

Nic and I opted not to do the corn maze. It looked really cool, but lunchtime was creeping up fast and the rain was starting to come down harder. We weren’t sure the kids would last through the maze. Instead we headed into the town of Kirkland for some hot Pho to dry off. Who knows, maybe we will head back to the farm this week to tackle the maze. Our kids never get tired of doing the same thing over and over that’s for sure.

Even mom can kick back and have a little fun on the farm

Know Before You Go

  • Dr. Maze’s Farm, 15410 NE 124th St, Redmond , WA 98052
  • Farm is open daily October 17-31st from 10am to 6pm (except Friday and Saturdays open until 10pm)
  • Honeybee Corn Maze costs $7, most other weekday activities are free, please check the website for special weekend activities.
  • Flashlight Nights at the Farm start at 6pm and cost $9. Bring your own flashlight to go through the maze.
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