These real food changes can help you feel better

Real food. You need it. Your kitchen is still haunted by the ghosts of holiday-eating-with-abandon, and now you’re feeling blah. Since you’re feeling blah, you need help devising a plan to get more real food into your life.

Real food. Not “meals” that comes in a box or two. But things that haven’t been freeze dried, injected with preservatives and sugar and sugar and more sugar. Not something packaged in a little miracle pill or chalky chocolate shake. Real food. Stuff that comes as close as possible to plucking it out of the ground, combined in easy, tasty ways.

Real Food First

Nutritionist Caitlin Ball over at Teaspoon Living was kind enough to share some simple energy-packed recipes with Walking on Mom a few months back during my “Morning Routine For Stressed Moms” series. If you tried them, you know how delicious they were. If you didn’t, you need to. They’re easy and filling and packed with good stuff to keep you going.

Caitlin believes in real food and its power to give you sustained energy and help you feel like you’re more than the zombiemom that has taken over.

I’m excited to partner with Caitlin again, this time to bring you a program she developed to give you tips, recipes, support and coaching. It’s all part of her Real Food First program designed guide you on a new and inspiring path to eat better and feel better with real food. She even put together a special discount for readers of this blog.

Real food can change your life

I signed on to help Caitlin promote Real Food First because I know how intense the changes were when I made changes to my eating a couple of years ago.

I was a mom juggling two toddlers, debilitating bouts of anxiety and depression and pressures of life as a stay at home mom.

When I cleaned up my cupboards, and what I put in my mouth, I can’t stress enough how impactful the improvements were to my energy, my skin, and while I didn’t do it to lose weight, the 15 pounds I lost and hasn’t been missed these past couple of years.

But the biggest benefits, and the reasons I encourage everyone to examine their own eating habits, is because cleaning up my eating helped me rid the struggle of insomnia and made a clear, noticeable improvement in my mood.

This may sound all sales-pitchy, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about my belief that we have been sold a myth that you have to beat yourself up to be healthy. That you have to starve and run marathons and eat kale, kale and pretty much only kale to feel better about our food, our bodies, our health.

There’s no gimmick here. This is a real plan to help you look at real food and see if you can’t notice the changes. I think you will. And I think there’s no better way to make big changes than to invest in it, wholeheartedly with the support of others who are learning along side you.

So now for the good stuff.

What’s Inside?

There are two options:

1) The live program begins January 20

2) Self study means you sign up and complete the program any time on your own time

What the program includes:

• 4 weeks of real food meal plans, meal prep guide, + shopping lists

• 30+ delicious, seasonal recipes that are naturally gluten and dairy free

• All ingredients found in Swiss grocery stores, and most regular grocery stores worldwide

• Only 3 hours of cooking per week

• Healthy habits challenge to create lasting change

• Private and supportive online community

Special for Walking On Mom Readers

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Walking On Media LLC is a Real Food First affiliate. If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links we will receive a small commission.

3 thoughts on “These real food changes can help you feel better”

  1. I just started a new healthy eating/living program on Monday ( not at all related to the fact it is January, and it kind of annoys me that it has coincided with all those resolutions ha). Yes, I have a lot of weight to lose, but I am doing it for the reasons you wrote about. Two young kids, a mess of anxiety and fatigue and just feeling generally crappy… Something had to change, so this is something I can do and hope it will help. Day 4 and I am already definitely noticing the difference — hope I can sustain it! Good on you for beating the drum.

    1. Go you!!!! That’s awesome. If you need someone to cheer you on, I’m your girl. It’s so hard to make a change, but so, so worth it. There may be up or down days, days your body feels off as it recalibrates to your better nutrition and gets rid of its cravings for certain crutch foods. Check with your program, but when I quit sugar I hit a wall and felt my energy crash. I asked them about it and they reminded me to eat plenty of slow-release carbs and after a good number of days, it all changed, I felt like I cleared a huge hurdle and all of a sudden it was smooth-sailing and my energy was amazing. So if you do get stuck, check in with your program folks and see how they can help. Keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it and it will help you through the tough days. Best of luck!

  2. It’s January – time for some healthy changes! I need to lose some serious kilos.
    Believe it or not, I went to the gym twice this week! I’m cutting carbs and sugar. Feeling a little cranky, though.

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