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Seattle artist and Recipe 4 Cute owner Emily Burnette finds inspiration for her illustrations wherever she goes. Whether walking the streets of Seattle with her 4-year-old son or discovering a new shop amongst the cobblestones of Paris, you can bet this talented lady has her eyes peeled for new bits to include in her next piece.

I am lucky enough to call Emily my friend. We share a love of all things travel and are both mothers of very inquisitive little boys. The combination has sparked many a conversation as we let our wanderlust go wild and chat about all the ways our travels have influenced our lives. While mine has come in the form of writing and photography, Emily’s has come through in her illustrations. Her playful pieces show the innocence and wonder our children experience in the small encounters in their lives, and the love a parent can give to their kids as they move through these precious younger years and into adulthood.

I caught up with Emily a few weeks ago to ask her more about her growing illustration business. I wanted to dig into the nitty-gritty behind her work ,and what inspires her to pursue her passion for art, even when life as a mother keeps her busier than busy most days. She was happy to pause before the holidays take over to share more.


I Love You to the Moon and Back by Emily Burnette

When did you start Recipe 4 Cute?

I started Recipe 4 Cute in 2011, about 2 years after my son was born.  It was a way for me to continue creating art that I love and also stay at home to raise my baby boy.

What type of artwork & crafts do you specialize in? 

I have a passion for creating art for children.  My son has only fueled that interest. I mainly create fine art prints from my watercolor illustrations that I sell in my Etsy shop.  From these, I create greeting cards as well.  I also offer custom illustrations as wedding gifts, birthday or Christmas gifts.  Custom gifts are great for grandparents too!

When I participate in arts and crafts shows, which I do locally here in Seattle, I also offer one-of-a-kind handmade dolls and one-the-go pencil packs to carry kids’ essential art supplies.


Pigs Over Paris by Emily Burnette

What is your favorite destination(s) and why?

Favorite destination to get away from it all?  Tofino, B.C. hands down!  My husband John and I have been going to Tofino every year for 10 years now.  We stay in a house right on Chesterman Beach and take long walks with our son, play in the waves and wind, build sand castles, go on hikes, watch lots of movies while the storms pass outside, eat at great restaurants and play board games.  It’s the tiniest little town with so much natural beauty.  We see bald eagles daily and we’ve seen whales too.  It’s our oasis that we look forward to every year.

Favorite destination to see and do? So far, I would say Europe!  More specifically, Spain and France (Paris and Normandy).  I love Spain for its culture, the friendly people, the food, the rich history and the variety of landscapes you can find throughout the country.  I lived there during my university years, and John and I also returned to live there with our son for extended periods of time for my husband’s work.  I feel like it’s such a child-friendly country.  It’s making me want to return just thinking about it.

France, more specifically Paris and Normandy, is also very close to my heart.  My dad’s side of the family is from Paris and when I go to visit my family there, it’s like I’m coming home in a way.  In Paris, I will forever be in love with the architecture and the art museums. Oh and the pastries! I love taking walks through the city and just when I think I couldn’t possibly be surprised by any more beauty, I always am. In Normandy, I enjoy taking drives through the countryside and imagine myself living in one of the abandoned homes there with my art studio in a lovely, light-filled room.


I’m Glad that I Live in this Beautiful World by Emily Burnette

How have your travels inspired your work?

Traveling always feeds my imagination.  I bring my sketchbook everywhere I go!  From the architecture, landscapes, different styles in fashion, different customs…it’s all rejuvenating and refreshing. When we were in Montmartre a couple of years ago, I started working on an idea I have for a children’s book.  I’ve been developing the characters (one of my favorite parts of writing/illustrating stories) and I’m currently working on the sketches.

Anything new coming up in 2014

With a baby on the way I’m sure that he or she will provide lots of inspiration.  I’ll just be happy spending time with our new little one and also sneaking in bits and pieces of time to enjoy creating more paintings.

Grab one of these adorable illustrations through Emily’s Recipe 4 Cute Etsy Shop. 


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