5 Ways Smart Home Devices Can Protect Your Home On Your Next Trip

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As you gather items to pack, stop your mail, and let your neighbors know you’re going to be away, take steps to protect your home, whether you’re visiting relatives for the day or going on an extended family vacation. Reassessing your home’s security and using smart home devices provides peace of mind.

Smart Home

Smart Home Devices

These days, it’s easier than ever to connect devices like lights, cameras, and doorbells so they all work together.

Here are five smart home products that help you keep an eye on your home from afar. Each is well worth the investment to protect your belongings over the holidays and throughout the year.

Smart HomeSmart Home ProductsGet that Lived in Appearance with Smart Lights

Thieves often look for patterns. A mail carrier who skips a house, and a home that stays dark into the night is a sure sign that someone’s away. Installing a few smart lights in table lamps and in key areas can give your house a lived-in appearance when you’re away.

Lights like Philips Hue or Caseta by Lutron can be controlled through an app and scheduled to go on and off at different times throughout the evening hours. 

Traveling with the kids?
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Capture movement around your house with smart video cameras like Arlo that provide high quality, clear images with small, battery powered indoor-outdoor cameras that you can be place anywhere. The Arlo mobile app allows you to setup rules for the cameras, like to start recording video anytime anyone walks up to your door.Smart Home ProductsAnswer Your Front Door via a Smart Doorbell

During the holidays, Porch Pirates tend to troll neighborhoods looking for packages. Even though they’re less likely to be on the hunt for gifts arriving on doorsteps at other times during the year, you’ll still want to know who is at your front door.

Smart doorbells like Skybell send motion activated push alerts to let you know that someone is at your front door. Simply tap to bring up the video feed. Talk to visitors from the comfort of your couch or halfway around the globe.

We’ve done both and the person at our door has no idea if we’re on the other side of the door or world!Smart Home ProductsMonitor the Safety of Your Home from Afar

Gone are the days of the battery powered smoke detector. Intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide alarms like Onelink Safe & Sound sends alerts to your mobile devices. You can now know the type and location of danger in your home.  This allows you to monitor the safety of your home from anywhere in the world.

It also goes beyond protecting your family from fires thanks to built-in Alexa. Like other Alexa devices, you can play music, news, or audio books. You can also use hands-free voice commands to control other works-with-Alexa smart home devices such as lights, locks, and more.

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If you’re wondering how you’re going to manage the above smart home products while integrating them into existing ones, Samsung SmartThings WiFi provides whole home WiFi, home automation, and the ability to pause the internet in one easy kit to add smartness and connectivity through a single hub.

The SmartThings hub allows you to connect devices like lights, cameras, and doorbells so they can all work together and you can manage them through a single app. Built-in WiFi uses multiple access points to create fast, secure, and stable internet connections throughout your entire house. It also allows you to expand your in-home coverage, while serving as the brain of your smart home.

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Smart Product ideas to protect your home when you travel. You can easily use technology around your apartment and home to set up your own DIY security system to scare bugalurs away with Alexa, Google and Apple enabled gadgets that will bring security and peace of mind whenever you are out of the house or traveling across the globe. #smarthome #smarthomeideas #alexa

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