Some Days Are Tougher Than Others while Pregnant in Hawaii

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Slowing down on the black sand beaches of the Big Island (November 2011)

It’s my own fault really. I push too hard. I try to be super woman, super mom, whomever super I need to be at the moment. Being pregnant again is reminding me that being “super” isn’t so great all the time.

My body just isn’t up to what it used to be. I once was able to plow through Beijing with my 1 year old. I could strap him into the Ergo, make him nap through the Forbidden City and keep on traveling. I could live off of a cup of coffee and some raisin rolls while exploring temples around Kyoto. I can’t do that anymore. At least not for the next 5 months (OK, 12 months we’ll say. A newborn will slow me down and require me to remember to eat too.)

I need to eat. I need to sleep. I can’t walk for 12 hours at a time exploring or driving around to check out the sights. I need to rest. I need to put my feet up and read a book for a few hours. I need to have a burger now and then to get my iron levels up so I am not exhausted all the time. Above all else, I need to just give myself a break.

I’ve been beating myself up as we wander around the Big Island. Why can’t I keep up my usual pace? Why can’t I hang out in the sun without overheating and needing 10 gallons of water, which of course means heading to a bathroom every 5 minutes?

What I really need to remember is that pregnancy, unlike kids, only lasts so long. I have already proven to myself, and the world, that I can keep traveling with a small person. I wouldn’t call it easy, but it is certainly doable and easier than traveling while pregnant. My energy levels will go back up. I will hike around a city for hours once more. I will be able to sit on the beaches of Maui with a sleeping infant while I listened to the waves crashing on the shore, just like I did with Dek. Life will go back to normal. Well almost normal.

For now, I just need to know that it’s not just my body giving me a hard time. I’m growing a human. It’s a lot of work. It’s OK to slow down when you travel, kick your feet up and just watch the world go by.  Heck, you might even see something you would have missed as you march through a new place trying to see everything there is to see.

For more adventures and tips on traveling while pregnant, keep an eye on the Pregnant Travels page.

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  • paulaturner

    Throughout our lives, we have times that we need to slow down. It is our responsibility to ourselves to listen to our bodies and our hearts and, as you pointed out, understand that there are many ways to enjoy life. It is a blessing to take moments – sometimes long moments – to just sit. The beauty of the clouds, the sounds all around can often best be enjoyed standing or sitting still.

    I admire your lifestyle and I admire your sense of adventure. I take life at a much slower pace yet that has a richness all its own. Thank you for blogging about your adventures and how you make it all work.

  • hikinginparadise

    Hawaii is a good place to learn these lessons. I have learned the same ones living here. You won’t get a do over with your kids or your pregnancy so take the time to enjoy it.

  • The Hook

    Good luck on your continuing journey across the world and the depths of your own soul.

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