Friday Postcards from the Spinosaurus at the National Geographic Museum

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Dinosaur Train. Ever seen it? You know that cartoon on PBS that features a family of pteranodons who adopted a T-Rex egg and they all ride the dinosaur train meeting friends in the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous time periods. OK, so maybe it was just the popular show in my house when Dek was a toddler.

Well thanks to the Dinosaur Train I met the old Spinosaurus who loved to fish (the episode was called The Old Spinosaurus and the Sea if you want to watch). He was a cranky old dinosaur hunting for an elusive fish. I saw this episode more times than I care to admit. So you can imagine my excitement when we moved to the Washington DC area and I saw that the National Geographic Museum had a Spinosaurus exhibit up. I was more excited than the kids. I seemed to be the only person who cared that this bag of bones was on display for us to see. How could my dinosaur loving boys be so ambivalent?


On a very cold morning in January I dragged my family onto the metro and into DC to check out the exhibit. I had no idea what to expect. I just knew we were seeing a dinosaur that day.

My excitement grew as we moved through the first exhibit at the museum. The boys “suffered” through FOOD, but had caught onto my excitement about the dinosaur by this point. Finally we found the Spinosaurus exhibit. There were loads of videos, small displays of bone fragments to poke and plaques to read, but still no massive skeleton.

As we rounded a bend my oldest son Dek ran up to me and said, “Mom! Mom! You have to come over here right now.” I followed him and found myself face to face with the Spinosaurus. He was H.U.G.E. Better yet, he was just what I was hoping to see. This dinosaur stretched all the way across the room with a few other dinosaur friends hanging out in the corners. Instead of grumbles about getting dragged to a museum on a cold winter’s day, I was now getting high fives and being told that this was totally awesome.

See kids! Mom’s ideas may sound crazy, but more often than not they do end up being pretty awesome. If you want to catch the Spinosaurus you better get to DC quick. This exhibit moves out on April 12, 2015.

Where have you brought your kids lately (if you have kids)? 



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  • Mary{The World Is A Book}

    Moms always know best 🙂 My 9 yr old has outgrown the dinosaur loving stage but I think he’d find this exhibit pretty neat too.

  • Kate @Wildtalesof

    We haven’t watched much Dinosaur Train, but I keep hearing great things about it…just never see it as a choice when it’s time to watch TV. And…Um, I’d love to be your kid! You guys have a blast & are always finding amazing places to explore. Love these photos & love that (as usual) the whole family could enjoy something together.

    • Keryn Means

      You aren’t having a boring time with travel either my friend. Pretty sure Dinosaur Train was on PBS around 9 or 9:30am on PBS in Seattle. Now I can’t wait for spring so we can really start exploring! I’ll admit I’ve been hibernating for the most part since we moved in.

  • eileen @ FamiliesGo!

    I admit Dinosaur Train was not my favorite show (too anachronistic?) But the exhibit looks cool!

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