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Have you ever gone swimming while on vacation and had to scramble to find a plastic bag when you pack to leave so you can bring your wet suit home? It’s not fun. It’s also not very environmentally conscious.


Bebe Au Lait solves this problem with their wet dry bag. They sent me one of their Monroe wet dry bag and a matching laundry bag to take for a test run on our cross-country road trip in October 2014. The bag is marketed towards parents with babies, especially those who are using cloth diapers. You can put dry diapers and clothing on the dry side and any wet diapers on the wet side where a waterproof liner protects your dry items from the wet. I never used cloth diapers, but I do have kids who love to swim, who get wet at spots I never though there was enough water to get wet at and do enjoy jumping in a good rain puddle. No matter what, at least once a week I’m hauling home wet clothes for one reason or another. A wet dry bag would not be a wasted item in my house.


While on our cross-country trip I could let the boys swim and not get irritated that we didn’t have enough time for their suits to dry out before we have to move onto our next hotel. I threw their suits in the wet dry bag and we hit the road. It was easy. The matching laundry was a cute way to haul our dirty clothes down to the hotel laundry mat and back. Trust me, I was happy to not be that guy with the plastic shopping bag of clothes in the laundry room that night.


Not just for parents

The wet dry bag may be geared towards parents, but even those without kids will find this bag stylish and useful for their travels. I took the bag to the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California for a conference in November. I threw my phone into the bag along with my room keys so I could keep track of them at the pool. While at the pool I kept my phone in the wet side just in case the bag got splashed. When I was finished I moved my phone into the dry side so I could put my wet suit into the wet part and head back to my room (I had also brought a change of clothes down with me). Did my phone survive? Yes! It wasn’t even damp and this was a very wet swimsuit I had thrown in there.

Bebe Au Lait has made it easy for me to travel in functional style. I’ve washed the laundry bag a few times and the wet dry bag once. Only time will tell if these two items are durable enough to put up with our rigorous travel schedule.

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