Friday postcards from atop a steer at the Fort Worth Stockyards in Texas

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I’m a total geek when it comes to certain things, and livestock is one of them. No, this is not some creepy fetish. I am a city girl born and bred. Things like cows, chickens and horses are a novelty for me. So, yes, I get excited when I see them.

Last March I was introduced to the mighty Fort Worth, Texas steer. Now the fact that a steer can not be called a cow was educational enough, but during a visit to the Fort Worth stockyards I actually got to sit on top of one. I did squeal a little with glee.

Let me tell you, these are some big cows… I mean steer. I paid five dollars to sit on a steer for about a minute. Why did I pay that kind of money for something so trivial? Well for one thing my kids wouldn’t have done it if they were with me. Big animals are awesome, and maybe, maybe, we will pet them together, but Dek knows that if it’s bigger than you it can trample you, and he takes that to heart. Ty is another matter. He has no fear. The other reason I did it was basically because I could. In over thirty years of life this was the first time the opportunity to sit on a steer had presented itself. I was going to do it just because I could, and who knows when the chance would come again.

Would you sit on a steer? 

Fort Worth steer


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  • Michele {Malaysian Meanders}

    Can I really call myself a Texan if I’ve never sat on a steer? I sometimes see a longhorn on the side of the road set up for a photo shoot with a big Texas flag behind them. Perhaps I’ll try it the next time I see one. What’s weird in Penang, Malaysia is that some cattle herds roam free, often walking down the road. These are city roads, not rural country ones. I’m trying to get a photo of the herd walking by the Starbucks.

    • Keryn Means

      I think you can still call yourself a Texan Michelle. All of the Texans that were there with me thought I was nuts to want to sit on top of the steer. And you HAVE to get that photo of a herd walking by Starbucks. That would be epic!

  • Lisa Trudell

    I would sit on a steer. There are things that I would also do if I was given the chance that I probably wouldn’t get to do otherwise. Great picture!

  • tripsbylance

    This is kind of funny. I’ve never sat on a steer, but I did grow up in central Arkansas with many uncles who were farmers. I also lived in Dallas for a while, and have visited the Stockyards many times. It’s a great place to visit.

    • Keryn Means

      Lance it was pretty cool to visit for sure. Like I said, I’m a city girl through and through. Watching a herd of steer wander down the road wasn’t exactly in my normal routine growing up. I hope I can bring my boys back soon.

  • Eileen

    I can not imagine sitting on one of these huge steers..The horn are awesome I am sure they are cool to see closeup. Thanks for sharing and hosting.. Have a happy weekend!

    • Keryn Means

      Eileen those horns were pretty amazing. I was a bit nervous to get on the steer, but he was an old, gentle guy who was used to it.

  • Terumi

    I’d be terrified but I’d probably try to sit on one too 🙂 You are very brave and that’s a great picture and I love what you say about chances and taking them when they come:) Happy weekend!

    • Keryn Means

      Terumi in over 30 years I had never gotten the chance to sit on a steer or cow, so I figured why not!? Life only gives you some chances once. I didn’t want to get on one for the first time when I was 60!