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Street-side pedicure anyone?

Out of all the things Dek and I have seen on our trip, I think the street markets are by far our favorite. So when I happened upon the Fa Yuen Street Market in Mongkok, I was kicking myself for not having gone here before. How come this market is not heavily advertised? It was so much better than the Temple Night Market, plus it runs during the day. Day time is so much easier with a baby in tow, especially when that baby has an early bedtime.

Vendors cover the gamut on what they are selling

Oh durian, how your mango teriyaki taste does not tempt me

I have already admitted I’m an idiot when I travel. I don’t plan things out well, and I don’t research as much as I should, given the fact that I have a baby with me, so timing is rather important. I’m sure Fa Yuen Market is advertised. I had seen it in the guidebook, but it in no way told me how awesome it truly was. I found this market when I was looking for the Goldfish and Flower Markets. Fa Yuen was pretty easier to locate since it took up so much room and the Prince Edward MTR stop dumps you right down the street from it.

Unlike the Temple Night Market, Fa Yuen is geared more towards the locals. There are fruit stands (durian is in season people, plug your noses if you can’t stand the smell), clothing vendors, purse shops, shoe shops, curtain shops and toy vendors. And it’s not just the market stalls that are open. All along the sidewalks there are more shops selling their wares. I was in heaven!

Doughy puffs of goodness

I quickly found an ATM since I realized I did not have many Hong Kong dollars left, and a good thing too. Dek found a banana at one of the fruit stands that he just had to have. I saw waffles being made and something like little bubbles of waffle mix at one stand, which Dek and I ended up sharing as we strolled along. Fresh fruit juice was next on the list to battle the heat.

We detoured to the Goldfish and Flower Markets once I figured out where they were, but I couldn’t help taking another pass through Fa Yuen. There was just so much to see. You had to go down one side of the sidewalk, check out the stores and then the vendors lining opposite the shops. Next you  walked down the middle of the vendors taking up the road. They were different from the stalls opposite the store fronts. After that you had to cover the other side of the street and its sidewalk.

Shoes, bags, shirts, skirts. You name it, they have it at Fa Yuen Market

Talk about a food mecca too. Not only where there fruit juice stands and waffles, there were noodles, dumplings, meats on a stick, frozen yogurt, red bean pancakes, rice and soup. I could have eaten for hours. Who needed dinner, when I was filling us up on snacks all day. Even better, the food was so cheap I was able to get a sampling of a few things to see if Dek would eat any of them, and he did. Of course he preferred the puffed pancakes, but at least he was eating.

As today is our last day in Hong Kong, I’m tempted to go back up to Fa Yuen. It has been raining most of the morning, but it seems to have cleared up now. Maybe we will head to Hong Kong Island and hit up the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens instead. We have to see monkeys at some point during this trip.

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  • Izy Berry

    Markets are for everyone! I love the chaos of asian markets and of course the great prices 🙂 Would be so cute to see a kid haggle, haha.

  • wanderingeducators

    I agree that kids and street markets go hand in hand – love the energy!

Hong Kong with Kids