Street scenes in the Albayzin of Granada Spain

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Climbing the hills around Granada is the neighborhood of Albayzin, our home away from home while staying in this historic city in the Andalusia region of Spain. Twisting pedestrian lanes couple with streets so narrow you wonder how a van was able to park in a small square at the top. Sights like the Cafe 4 Gatos become a familiar sight each morning as we grabbed a morning cafe con leche or cappuccino before heading to La Alhambra and the Cathedral of Granada. This world heritage sight surely had more secrets tucked away in its winding paths than we could ever discover during our short stay, but the moments we did capture in our memories will stay with us for years to come.







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  • Jim Ingalls

    Love the pics! Makes me feel like I’m there.

  • Penny Sadler

    You have brought it all back so clearly, especially that first photo, I felt like I just saw it yesterday!

  • SnarkyNomad

    I remember it being eerily quiet most of the time. It’s a big hill to climb, so even though it’s a famous part of the city, it was quite often empty. When I was there, anyway. So it made for a great place to explore, without feeling like you’re in a modern, touristy city.

  • Pola (@jettingaround)

    Lovely shots! I enjoy black & white photography and have great memories from walking those streets in Granada. Some of these sites look pretty familiar… 🙂

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