Stretching your travel budget so you can see more of the world

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We all have a travel budget. Yours may be larger than mine. Mine may be larger than yours. I may choose to ignore my travel budget, while you look for ways to stick to it. No matter the size of your budget, there are always easy steps to save while you plan and enjoy your travels.

Sticking to a travel budget is something so many of us struggle with, especially when our kids are traveling with us. We want to give them the world, but we have to make sure we can afford to keep buying plane tickets, renting cars and grabbing attraction tickets.

Last month I shared with you a few tips for finding extra money for travel. This month I’ve once again partnered with Alamo Rent A Car to share 10 ways to travel for less as you start to plan your vacations for the year. These tips range from checking out local deals, using cash, and doing a little couch surfing with friends. Most of all, you need to manage expectations before and during your trip.

Managing your expectations and those of your kids is probably the biggest way to stick to your travel budget. Sit the whole family down ahead of time to discuss how you will be spending your money. Will you splurge for ice cream or use that money to book a larger rental car so everyone is more comfortable during your journey? Are your kids expecting to pick up souvenirs at every stop or are you giving them a fixed souvenir budget for the entire trip?

Once everyone is on the same page about how your travel budget will be spent, you can talk about ways to make your budget stretch even more. Maybe you skip the pricey science museum and lunches out every day. Instead, you opt for more hikes and outdoor sculpture gardens enjoyed with a picnic lunch.

Expectations are just part of the travel budget pie, though. If you want to learn more ways to save while you travel, hop over to Alamo Rent A Car’s Scenic Route blog for more tips that can help you travel more often while sticking to your budget.


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    Nice tips Keryn! It’s all about planning ahead of time. Nice insights and yes ther are a lot of places that is fun but doesn’t have to be expensive. Also some parks are even free! Researching on your destination will save you a lot of money.

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