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If you have ever traveled to a new city, you know how hard it can be to dig into the local food scene. You hop on blogs, Twitter, Yelp and other sites to give you the inside scoop. If you are like me, you drool over Instagram photos from restaurants and other photographers in the city you are visiting. You still might end up at a chain restaurant or grabbing some generic gift to bring home for the kids. Don’t you wish someone else would do all of the leg work for you? Well, the Hole in Wall subscription box is trying to do just that.

The people behind Hole in Wall are travel lovers themselves. They don’t want to have a bad meal or pick up lame goodies to bring back to friends and family. They want to eat like the locals, so they have scoured the farmer’s markets, shopped at the local businesses and chatted up the food-lovers in every town they highlight. Since they are based in San Diego, it was only fitting that their inaugural box be filled with the local San Diego goodies they love and chow down on every day. There are several food-based subscription boxes out there, but Hole in Wall is carving out their niche in a few very specific ways.

What you will find in their boxes:

  • Tasty delicacies from the best farmer market
  • Gourmet treats from hole-in-the-wall restaurants
  • Unique goodies from local mom and pop shops
  • Exotic items only the locals know about

subscription box

What makes them unique? 

There are three things that really made Hole In Wall’s subscription box stand out to me. First was their ability to customize for allergies. The second is that they are sourcing from small, local businesses, which gives mom and pop shops a chance to shine in a very crowded market space. The third is that they actually list the price of each item in their box.

Allergies. Subscription boxes can be very hard for individuals with allergies, especially when food is involved. If you love to travel through your taste buds, you will miss out on many subscription boxes simply because they are a one-size fits all kind of outfit. Hole in Wall realized this need and addressed it head on by asking subscribers to send their allergies and preferences as soon as they sign up. Even for those without allergies, but who just don’t like certain things, like spicy food or chocolate, you can request that your subscription box be customized just for you. According to Hole in Wall, “We will do our best to send you only what you will buy yourself!” In an age where allergies are popping up left and right, this can be music to a food-loving allergy sufferer’s ears.

Local focus. Although other subscription boxes can give you a taste of the food from the country they are highlighting, not all are looking towards local businesses to fill their boxes. They simply show what a typical diet might include and a few delicacies. Hole in Wall subscription boxes take it to the streets by doing the leg work to find local treats and small items like candles and soaps being made, not by massive factories, but by people who are passionate about the products they sell.

Prices. With each box costing you between $30-35 (plus shipping), you want to make sure you are getting your monies worth when you subscribe to their subscription box service. Every item you find in your box shows up on the handy card listing what each item is, giving a small description, and how much it would cost you if you bought it at the market or in a local shop. I’ve reviewed a lot of subscription boxes and this is the first company I have ever seen do this and I love it. The San Diego box included $43.75 worth of snacks, a handmade candle and soap.

subscription box

Featured in the San Diego Box

I’ve been to San Diego a total of two times and not once was it to see the city. The first time I flew in to hop on a bus to Mexico for a stay at Rancho La Puerta. The second time I was headed to Carlsbad, CA for a conference. I hear San Diego is a great food town, but I never got to experience it first hand, until my shoe box-sized Hole in Wall subscription box arrived. Here’s what I found inside. Try not to drool.

  • Oats and Honey Facial Soap Bar (it is making my office smells divine!)
  • 72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate (Perfect for my mid-morning crash)
  • Sinsa Korean BBQ Beef Jerky (I know what is going in hubby’s stocking this year!)
  • Oaked Chipotle Hot Sauce (Tacos anyone?!)
  • MJ’s Market P.C. Bar (a healthy snack bar that didn’t come off a factory line? Sign me up!)
  • Lime and Salted Almonds (my kids and I are fighting over the last one right now)
  • S.D. Scented Soy Candle (I’ll be using this after school drop off tomorrow to Zen out)
  • Caramel Kettle Korn (Caramel… need I really say more?)

Overall I was impressed with Hole in Wall’s first subscription box. Next they will be tackling Seattle. As a former Seattle resident, you better believe I’ll be looking very carefully at what they include and if any of my favorite farmer’s market finds pop up. Too bad they can’t ship one of the best cupcakes in the subscription box. That’s what I’m really craving these days.

Win your own! 

One lucky winner will receive their own Hole in Wall subscription box. Entry is simple.

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  2. Extra entries: Tweet about the giveaway and/or Pin the vertical image below on Pinterest.
  3. Make sure to use the Rafflecopter entry form so we can track your entries. If you don’t fill it out, you can’t win.

This prize is open to those 18 or older, and can be shipping anywhere in the USA. 

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Subscription-Box Many thanks to Hole in Wall for sending their San Diego box for the purposes of review. This post is part of a paid partnership with Hole in Wall. As always, my opinions are my own. When they aren’t, you will be the first to know. 

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    Love the idea of getting to “travel” through scrumptious food–would be fun even to do prior to a trip to get a taste of the local flavors.

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