Friday Postcards from the sunrise on Carolina Beach, North Carolina


Some days I feel like we lived on the west coast forever. I got so used to sunsets over the Pacific that I forgot all about the gorgeous sunrises over the Atlantic. Although I don’t normally make an effort to get up early enough to see the sunrise, part of being a mom is that you do work some odd hours.

My oldest son Dek was up just as the sun started to peek over the horizon at Carolina Beach, North Carolina a few weeks back. I really, really wanted to go back to bed. However, a little part of my brain wanted to grab my big camera and tripod. I compromised with popping out onto the balcony in the 40- degree morning air with my iPhone to capture the sunrise. I think it was worth it, don’t you?

Oh, and I promptly jumped back into bed under the warm covers and slept for another hour or two until my toddler woke me up. That’s the life of a mom traveling with her kids at the beach I guess.



Friday Postcards

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  • RamblinLove (@RamblinLove)

    Those are some great pictures. We are going to the Outerbanks in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to it.

  • eileen @ FamiliesGo!

    Did you do a redesign? Your site looks really good! and good for you getting out of bed and taking those photos, I never would have done (though i know i’d be glad if I did). Parenting has made me value sleep in a way I never did before!

    • Keryn Means

      In the middle or a redesign right now Eileen! Lots more to do (I’m doing it myself), but I really like this new direction. Very clean and easy to find content. That sunrise was definitely worth it, but so was going back to my nice warm bed in the other room. Ha!

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