Kid Memories at the Temple of Heaven, Beijing

There are little things in my life that I look back on that make me think, “wow!” Sometimes that “wow” ends with “what were we thinking,” while other times it goes something like “how cool was [...]


What a Great Wall of China

Ha ha! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  I had been looking forward to seeing the Great Wall of China for months. I knew that if I could only see two things while in Beijing, it would be the [...]


Lee Garden Service Apartment- Review

The Lee Garden Service Apartment was a great little find I came across on I really wanted an apartment in Beijing, but having never been to China before, I wasn’t sure I [...]


The Sacred Way Outside of Beijing, China

On the same day that we went to the Great Wall, we were first taken to the Main Sacred Way of the Ming Tombs. I knew nothing about the Sacred Way, it wasn’t on my radar at all. It was just [...]

Summer Palace, Beijing: One Heck of a Vacation Home

Holy smokes was it cold on the water. Of course most of the best views were on the water, so we couldn’t stay away. It was windy and cold, but we were so happy to finally be at the Summer [...]


Jingshan to Beihai

On a hazy Tuesday morning, after we had seen the Forbidden City, we decided to check out a shrine we had seen from the Forbidden City. We had done a little guidebook research and found that [...]


Traveling with baby in Beijing

I did not have a good track record in China so far. We had wasted time in Hong Kong, and I was tied up in Shenzhen with work. I did not want to make the same mistakes in Beijing. I was officially [...]


A Quick Taste of Wangfujing

Our hotel in Beijing was only a few blocks from Wangfujing Dajie. It you are unfamiliar with this street, a section of it is a pedestrian-only shopping mecca. I would guess it could cover about [...]