Celebrate Travel: A Two Wheel Salute to National Bike Month

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? With the weather starting to get a little better here in the northern hemisphere, what better way to celebrate this outdoor activity than with a few [...]


Red-eye flights with a baby? Not for me.

I don’t think anyone can tell you which flight is best for you and your family. Some people swear by red-eyes because their child will sleep on the plane. That’s great, but what if I [...]


Seat or no seat?

The ultimate dilemma for anyone  traveling with a 0-2 year old: Buy your baby a seat or hold  him in your lap? My motto is, the more money I can save on a trip the better. We have held Dek in our [...]


Why do I travel?

Well,  why do you travel? Or better yet, why don’t you? I travel because I have a need to see what else is out there.  Like so many other kids in the 1980s, I grew up on National Geographic [...]


You will never travel again…

Soon after I found out I was pregnant, I turned to my husband and said, “I know life will never be the same, everything will change, but I refuse to stop traveling.” A year and a half later, and [...]