The Gates of Fushimi in Southern Kyoto with Kids in Japan

Orange, orange everywhere, I hummed to myself. The color was a bit overwhelming, but also mesmerizing. I remember wishing I’d had an orange M&M to compare the color too. Or an orange crayon. [...]


All’s Quiet On The Philosopher’s Walk in Kyoto Japan

It was quiet. Too quiet. Once we left the Silver Pavilion, the crowds thinned out and we were left to stroll a path thousands of people had taken over the years. For this city girl, the quiet is [...]


Did you know there is an aqueduct in Kyoto Japan?

Imagine my surprise when we were walking down the Philosopher’s Path in the Nanzenji temple grounds and came across an aqueduct. Weren’t they invented by the Romans? Shouldn’t [...]


Yakisoba, Hot Plates and Baby Fingers in Kyoto Japan

My son constantly surprises. Some days he will eat only bread, the next he wants only meat. When we were in Japan, he changed his mind every hour it seemed. We happened upon a little okinomiyaki [...]


Family Time at the Golden Pavilion and Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto Japan

Family time for us means just that. We are a family. Mike and I work hard. Mike especially. He does not get to see Dek and I that much during the week when he is working late nights at the end of [...]


The Silver Pavilion in Kyoto Japan is Missing its Silver

At the top of the Philospher’s Path in Kyoto is the Silver Pavilion (Ginkakuji Temple.) We took the #5 bus from our little machiya (townhouse) to get up to the pavilion and then work our way [...]


There Are No ATMs in Kyoto Japan unless You Know Where to Look

Before you jump all over me, I seriously did think that there were no working ATMs in Kyoto. I had stocked up on cash when we were in Osaka. When I went to get more cash out of the ATM in Kyoto [...]

Sometimes the rocks of Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan are the best part

Dek found a new passion in Kyoto. Rocks. I mean really, who needs hundreds of years of history, palaces, gardens and temples. My boy had pebbles of every shape and size. The rock switch first [...]


Skipping the Royal Treatment at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto Japan

Being a mom, I have to make a lot of tough decisions. What should Dek eat? What can he play with? How do we react when he is being crazy? This is never so true as when we travel. I still deal [...]


Just Desserts at The Lipton Tea House in Kyoto Japan

As we strolled down Shijo-dori in Kyoto one night in mid-May, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a window display of the most decadent desserts I had seen so far in Japan. Cream puffs! Earl [...]

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