Language Learning: 5 Things NOT to Do When Learning A Language

Our latest language learning post explores teaching your children several languages at an early age. Paz from the blog International Cravings dives into a few of the pitfalls parents can step [...]


Language Learning: Pros and Cons of Practicing in the Car

In a week my flight will be landing in Switzerland. Have I learned a word of German yet? No of course not. I have been practicing my Italian however. Mike and I have been listening to the [...]


Language Learning: Foreign Language Books of all Shapes and Sizes

If you are a visual person, language books can be the best approach to beginning your language studies. Whenever I listen to audio programs I wonder if I really am pronouncing a word correctly or [...]


Language Learning: Tackling Vietnamese with The Dropout Diaries

Anyone that has ever tried to learn a language knows it’s not easy, especially if you are not dealing  with your native alphabet. Barbara from The Dropout Diaries shares some of her struggles [...]


Language Learning: Muzzy Video Language Program for Kids

Getting the toddler set interested in learning a new language can be tough. They learn so much by seeing and doing. Interacting with other kids their age and exploring their language with you are [...]


Language Learning: Get a Tutor

If you have ever studied a new language you might have found yourself learning loads and doing just fine. Then you hit a wall. Learning on your own hit a plateau. You studied all of the grammar [...]


Language Learning: Read the Subtitles…or Not

Before Dek was born I took a few Spanish classes at a local language school. One learning technique the teacher taught us was to watch Spanish soap operas (aka Telenovelas). There was a lot of [...]

Language Learning: Take Your Studies Behind the Wheel

Last week I uncovered 3 ways to squeeze a little extra language learning into your day. This week I am going to help you put that into practice with the chance to win a copy of the Behind the [...]


Language Learning: Find Time to Study

Anyone who tells you that learning a language is easy must be a genius. No, that’s not true. They just have more time on their hand than the average parent. I can’t even manage a shower until [...]


Language Learning: Harnessing the Power of YouTube for Kids

In the digital age there are ample opportunities to learn a new language. Nowhere is this more prevalent, budget-conscious and kid friendly than on Youtube.com. Yes, there seems to be more videos [...]

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