Friday Postcards filled with tales from Massanutten Resort Virginia

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Marching up the hill, his little legs going as fast as he could, Ty stubbornly kept going. He was on a mission. He was going to ski at Massanutten Resort in Virgina.

Now truth be told, the boy had no skis. He didn’t even have a sled. He had never taken a ski lesson in his life, nor was he even sure what it was all about. All he knew was that his big brother was skiing, so he had to ski too. Ty was tired of being left out of all the fun.

Massanutten ResortHis big brother was in ski school having a lesson, while his dad carved his way down the mountain more than once. All little Ty got to do was walk around with his mama, who carried him up and down the parking lot to collect gloves and deposit wet boots into the car in the farthest lot from the ski lifts that it could possibly be. He’d had enough of this. He was going up that mountain.

Ty’s brother was finished his lesson, but he wanted to ski more. He lumbered up behind Ty, carrying his skis behind him, dropping them more times than he could count. Wait up, he called to Ty. But no. Ty could not wait. He was going up that mountain.

Finally he was at the top. He looked far below at the other kids in ski school, thirty, maybe forty feet away. This was his moment. This is where he would ski.

Massanutten ResortHe looked around for his skis. He looked at his feet. They weren’t there. He looked over at his mom. She didn’t have them either. He was going down this mountain, but how?

Finally he had an idea. He would ride his daddy’s snowboard. Lucky for him his dad was OK with this idea. They sat on his board and away they went.

Faster and faster they road, all the while the mama yelling at the daddy to slow down. No tree could stop them; no ski fence either. Max speed was their mission, but all too soon they began to slow down. They had come to the end of the mountain. Daddy pulled Ty off the board and stood up. Looking down at Ty he asked if it was fun. Ty’s only response was AGAIN!

Massanutten Resort

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  • Mary {The World Is A Book}

    Very cute! Poor little guy – I’m sure he’s itching to go on ski school. I miss that age! I love that first picture of him.

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