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Welcome to TASTE, a delicious part of Walking On Travels that will give you ideas for your next dining adventure with or without your kids. For many of us, we loved checking out the latest restaurant before we had kids, but we forgot about food after the baby was born. It is time to reignite those taste buds and get excited about what is out there to be devoured and enjoyed.

What: Macarons

Where: Bakery Nouveau4737 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Why: A rainbow of colors packed with flavor is hard to resist, especially if you love sweets. Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle (also in Capital Hill), is one of my favorite spots to snatch up a few to munch on. These light crispy cookies with cream in between may not have any nutritional value, but they sure do satisfy my intense sweet tooth.

Bakery Nouveau

If you have a favorite morsel you discovered during your wanderings that you would like to share, please be in touch. I’m always looking to highlight the best bites around.

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