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I’m a traveler, but more importantly, I’m a mom. I don’t consider myself an extreme adventure type of person. I’m deathly afraid of zip lining (seriously, I’ve had panic attacks on the wire), but I do love to ski the bunny hills. I enjoy snorkeling, but I’m not a scuba diver. I’m your semi-average gal doing normal things, like running down her phone battery checking Instagram and texting friends about who is picking up the kids next Thursday.

On top of all of that, I have a messy life, both schedule wise and cleaning wise. My kids destroy my house on a daily basis. I have dropped my cell phone in the toilet, on a sandy beach, in a mud puddle and in a snowdrift.

My iPhone is not cheap! All of these drops and spills have added up! It’s kind of a nightmare trying to keep your phone pristine when you have kids, and well, live your life.

tech21 mesh sport case

Tech21 for life

A few years back I was looking for a phone case for my iPhone 4 or 5 (which one was out, who knows? They upgrade so fast!). My boys were little. I needed a case that would basically bounce if I dropped it.

The problem was, all of the protective cases were big and bulky. I didn’t need the Hulk to protect my phone, just something sweet and simple. What I found as a thin, simple case by a company called Tech21, ordered two (my husband had a phone too after all) and never looked back.

I have now owned at least five Tech21 cases for phones thanks to phone upgrades and needing more protection or battery backup. I think I’ve tested out even more than that.

Tech21 Evo Aqua case

Rain, mud and mist with the Tech21 Evo Aqua

Recently I got to play with the Tech21 Evo Aqua for the iPhone 7 while in Greece and Seattle. Now I knew Seattle would be rainy, but I had no idea our first and only day of downtime while working with refugees in Greece would bring a torrential spring downpour. There was no way I was going to miss seeing the Acropolis if I only had a day to explore. I snapped the Evo Aqua onto my iPhone 7 and hit the streets with a few friends. The Tech21 Evo Aqua can be tricky to secure on a phone, but once I got it all snapped into place I didn’t have to worry about rain leaking in. My phone was dry even after traipsing through mud puddles and rain.

Tech21 casesA similar situation hit while I was in Seattle. I wanted to go on a hike with friends in St. Edwards State Park on the Eastside of Lake Washington. It was a steep and muddy climb down to the water, and slipper on the way back up. There was no way I was going to leave my phone in the car and not capture those incredible greens on the path though.

Western Washington is known for its green moss and evergreen trees. While hiking down I slipped and my phone dropped. Thankfully it didn’t fall over the cliff, but it did hit the mud and a tree stump. Ouch! Like any good mom I picked up my phone, making sure it was still in one piece. The Tech21 Evo Aqua case was still in tact. Phew! I wiped the mud off on my running pants and kept going. The people at the breakfast joint we hit after the hike had no reason to think that workout gear I was wearing hadn’t been used that morning. I am no poser!

Tech21 Evo Endurance Charging Case

Extending battery life with the Tech21 Evo Endurance

Battery life is always a problem. I go to a lot of conferences and a lot of destinations where getting a quick charge isn’t an option. The Tech21 Evo Endurance Charging Case is the slimmest case I’ve seen with a built in battery. I regularly get at least one full charge off of my case. Even with continuous use, I’ve never run out of power with it on.

I really got to put this case to the test when I was at Hacienda Petac in Mexico. We were climbing the Mayan ruins at Uzmal. Obviously there was no outlet in the temples we walked around or the one we climbed (talk about a sweaty workout!). We were up early and saw a lot of the area around Merida, Mexico that day. Never once did I drop power, so I was able to keep shooting even after my big dSLR battery was long dead. That case has come on ever trip and conference since. I just don’t have time to stress about battery life.

tech21 gem iphone case

Tackling the everyday with Evo Gem

Ever since my first Tech21 case, I’ve always gotten another basic case. True, these cases will not save my phone from splashing into the toilet and needing to bathe in a bowl of rice for two days. What they give me is simple convenience and peace of mind.

The Evo Mesh Sport case I normally bought was pretty dark. I like smoky colors. When the Tech21 Gem series came out, I had to do a double take though. Those jewel colors called to me (my color wheel says I should wear them after all). I needed that turquoise case! So I got it. It’s a beautiful bright little accessory in my back pocket now instead of a black void I tend to lose in my couch and under my bed.

Like I said. I’m a mom. My kids find my phone and it goes missing from time to time.

Tech21 Evo AquaWhich Tech21 case is right for you?

OK, so who says a girl can only have one phone case? I have friends with different cases for different days, outfits and more. Phone cases have become the new accessory. I’m happy to embrace the trend.

I need my Evo Aqua for my more adventurous outings, like hiking, skiing and kayaking.

The Evo Endurance is a godsend on trips, at conferences and even when I’m running errands or going to a doctor’s appointment with my kids. My youngest plays iPhone apps for toddlers while I talk to my doctors, which drains my battery quickly.

Tech21 Evo Aqua iphone caseMy every day is happy with the Evo Gem and Mesh Sport though. The slim design fits easily in my back pocket, isn’t slippery, so when I pull it out of my purse it doesn’t go flying. If my phone does fly, it does a little bounce as the Tech21 impact protection (a unique FlexShock™ material) does its job and protects my phone.

I’ve got enough to worry about as a mom, entrepreneur, wife, chauffer, cleaner of stucky substances and just a person living her life. The one thing I can’t deal with anymore is my phone protection. For at least four years Tech21 has kept my phone safe and you better believe when the next iPhone comes out I’ll be protecting it immediately with the latest Tech21 gear.

Are you ready to take the Tech21 life challenge?


BEST IPHONE CASES: Rain, mud, kids and more can destroy your tech, but Tech21 offers cases that protect from the elements, your kids and can even keep your iPhone battery charged all day.
IPHONE CASES: Find the best iPhone case for your device whether you need longer battery life, rain protection or just a little extra peace of mind.
Tech21 iPhone cases put to the test: which iPhone case is best for your life. We'll give you everything you need to know about four of our favorite iPhone cases that can protect during adventures, long days on the go, and even your messy kids.

This post is written in partnership with Tech21. As always, my opinions are my own. When they aren’t you will be the first to know.

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