Throw Some Colorful Comfort into Your Spring Hiking Travel Style

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As a woman who loves getting outside for adventures, I am always on the hunt for comfortable clothing that is still fashionable and quality gear that has some color or style. Just because you are heading out on the hiking trails, doesn’t mean you have to be dressed in boring outdoor attire and ignore your hiking travel style. Luckily, many brands are getting hip to the fact that women who seek adventure can be stylish too!

One brand of shoes that I recently discovered is  Jambu & Co. They make shoes for women who are getting outside on the trails or walking the urban streets. They are the perfect travel shoe for wherever your adventures take you.

1. I have these Bose headsets and I love them. They are sweat resistant and stay in your ear without slipping.

2. My favorite water bottle brand. I got hooked on Hydroflask bottles while living in Costa Rica and I love the bright colors they have out for Spring!

3. Spring temperatures can be a little up in the air, but a tank top with a pullover is sometimes all you need. I prefer pullovers and shirts like this to jackets.

4.  I’m loving the Jambu shoe brand that created a comfortable quick-dry mesh walking shoe with All Terra Traction® soles to grip slick terrain. These are perfect for your Spring hiking, since rails can still be damp and wet.

Spring Hiking Travel Style

5. Be sure to pack a few snacks when you are out exploring. The Munk Packs are the perfect nutritious snacks in a soft pouch.

6. I usually love basic black leggings but sometimes you gotta break out of the black box!

7. If you are a serious hiker or trail runner, then you may want to invest in a Hydration pack. This way you can drink as you climb without stopping to grab for your water bottle.

8. One thing you should always bring along is sunscreen, even if it’s a cold and cloudy day. And lips can get very chapped out in the sun, so be sure to bring along a lip balm as well.

Are you an adventure seeking junkie?
What other hiking essentials would you add!?

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