Bringing baby food on a plane

Whenever we have to travel with baby food I treat it just like any other liquid we need to carry on a flight. Everything gets put in a clear quart size plastic bag. I make sure to stick it in a tray with all of my other bags of liquids. I also schedule in extra time for security to scrutinize. Only once, during an international flight, have we ever been stopped. The agent did insist on opening one package. I was glad I pack extra just in case this happened.

I always stick with the squeeze packs instead of glass jars as well; less chance of breaking (I think) and less weight. The added bonus of putting your pouches in a Ziploc back is that if they do break you aren’t left with a huge mess all over your carry-on luggage.

Some things to remember:

  • Check TSA and local security regulations for every country you will be flying to. The US is pretty strict, but some countries may scrutinize and confiscate your baby food. It is better to know ahead of time than to be shocked at the airport.
  • Always be upfront with whatever baby food you have. It’s just easier to put it all out there than to have to wait for a TSA agent to rifle through your bag.
  • Be prepared to defend your baby food. If the first TSA agent questions whether you can bring the amount you have packed be sure to ask for the head agent on duty.
  • Pack extra just in case. You never know when you will be delayed, when a TSA agent will want to test the food or when a pouch will explode in mid-air (I’ve never had it happen, but I do dread it).

What tips do you have for packing baby food on a plane? 

4 thoughts on “Bringing baby food on a plane”

  1. We never had to travel with baby food during the liquids in plastic bags era. Our youngest was a baby during that time, but I guess we didn’t fly during the couple of months that he ate baby food. Remember when going through security was so much easier?

  2. Like Jessica, we were past the baby food stage when the strict security regulations with respect to liquids came into effect. It’s certainly much more stressful now but you have provided some great tips for parents to follow.

  3. We’ve always preferred to travel by car so flying with baby food has never been an issue. I was curious though if the TSA agent would ever make a parent taste the food. We visited DC shortly after the 9/11 horror and a friend that was traveling with us had to drink from her baby bottles before granted access to the Holocaust museum. I was so thankful we were beyond that…

  4. Hey Keryn,

    Thank you for the useful information. Traveling with a baby is a challenge these days. Appreciate the strategic advice on how to quickly get through security safely.

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