How to get Infant or Toddler Passport Photos

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Ah photos. Kids love to ham it up, adults like to hide when the camera is whipped out. But what about when you HAVE to have a photo taken? Sure we as adults can stand in front of a white screen for a passport or visa photo, but what about kids and infants. Do you know how hard those are to take?! Thankfully I have gotten a lot of experience in the past 2 years and have a few helpful hints to pass along to future travelers.

Head to Your Local Passport Office: If you need to get a passport or visa photo taken of your child check out your local passport office. Do they offer a photo service there? Our local office does and I found it much easier for them to stress over the right placement of Dek at 4 months old than for me to guess at what they would accept.

Photo shops and Drug Stores: Another alternative is to go to your local drug store or photo shop, but make sure it is in a kid friendly area. The best photos I ever had taken were in a shopping plaza. The photo counter employees at the drug store were used to moms coming and going. They knew how to get kids to stay still for 2 seconds and smile while they shot a picture. They also did not mind taking a few shots until we got the perfect photo of Dek for his Chinese visa application.

Don’t Leave without the Best Photo: Don’t be afraid to ask for help to get your photos correct. The last thing you want is to have a passport or visa rejected because your 2 month old was slightly lopsided or smiling too much or too little.

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  • Lisa

    Love Dek’s mug shots – so hard to prevent them from smiling at that age! Emma had her first passport photo when she was a couple of months old and she had to be propped up for it – now that was fun!

  • LM Photography

    That’d be a real pain if your child’s passport or visa application got turned down because the photo wasn’t up to scratch. Definitely a good idea to make sure the person taking the photo gets it right.

  • Photo Stop

    You are absolutely right. It’s very difficult to take a passport or visa photo of infant and kids. But, this blog seems very helpful to people who want passport photo of their kids.

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