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Traveling to Maui over President’s Day gave us an added “bonus” day on our  vacation in 2010

If you suffer from a lack of vacation days and a huge case of wanderlust you are not alone. Many people in the USA struggle to balance their need to get out of town, take a rest and bond with their family. One way I have maximized our time off is by taking advantage of national holidays. If your company already gives you the day off tack on a few extra days to get the most out of your allotted vacation time.

One benefit of this type of vacation planning is that you are already getting yourself set up to be out of the office for a longer period of time. Whenever I would have a 3-day weekend there was tons of prep I had to do to make sure all of my international vendors and clients knew how to move forward while I was out. If I added a few extra days onto my weekend it wasn’t as big of a deal. I just set them up for a longer period of time.

Another advantage is that your office will already be gearing up for vacation mode. Who doesn’t love a long weekend or holiday? People leave early on Friday to get a jump on the weekend or sneak out to catch an earlier plane while no one is paying much attention. This could give you an added few hours to sneak away yourself, finish packing and head out the door.

How do you maximize your holidays and vacation days? 

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    Great way to make the most of your days off. I don’t have any suggestions. My husband is self-employed so most of the time if we can afford it, he can take off. It’s the affording it that hinders us. Can’t make money if we always want to travel. ha! 🙂

    We have been known to schedule an extra day here and there for out of town trips though- allows us to see a bit of a different area and deduct much of our trip as a business expense.

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    I love this strategy! One longer vacation sounds so much easier prep-wise than trying to do two shorter ones.

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    I am a sufferer of only having 3 weeks of vacation a year as a worker bee with a serious case of wanderlust. We’ve learned to take advantage of the national holidays and extending them so I can totally relate. I’ve also been known to call in sick on some days when my kids are off school and we’re on an extended weekend trip =)

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