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My sister is in town this week. Before she arrived we went through a checklist of things she might need for my one-year-old niece- stroller, booster seat, sippy cups, books, toys, bibs, etc.

She was able to pack her entire family into one carry on suitcase and a diaper bag for a 10-day trip out to Seattle because she could borrow so much from me. If for some reason I didn’t have it, I had friends I could borrow from.

Parents can be incredibly generous when they hear of other parents coming to town. We all know what it’s like to schlep gear across the country. The more we can help each other the better our travels will be.

If you don’t have a sibling with kids ask friends in the area or other family members to see what their friends have available. My pack n’ play has traveled all over the city as I help other travelers in need of baby gear.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask to borrow any baby stuff you need when you travel.

Bonus tip: To save a little more room in your suitcase just ask if you can do a load of laundry while you are staying with or near friends and family. Or head to the local laundry mat. You will pack half as much but still not have to turn your undies inside out.

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  • Reply

    10 days worth of gear in one carry-on and a diaper bag is pretty impressive! I can’t even come close to that and I don’t have any babies anymore!

    My husband and I went away for an overnight and I packed two bags! I just never know what I may want to wear and can’t stand the thought of not having what I want with me. I need to work on that before our next big trip. No way will I have room for my entire wardrobe! 🙂

  • Lisa Wood

    Great tips – and its so true….having to take less when travelling makes it so much easier 🙂

  • Allison

    It is so nice to be able to count on family when traveling. I am still impressed that the whole family managed with one carry-on for 10 days – with or without the baby gear! I got rid of nearly all our baby gear last year (so sad!), but I kept the Pack-n-Play because it’s such a handy item for visitors.

  • Steve

    How pumped is Dek to have his cousin out visiting? Very impressive getting that much in a carry-on bag. The money she saved on bag fees will certainly pay for a visit to the laundromat. Great tip!

  • Lisa

    Great tip – it’s certainly easier to travel with small kids if you can borrow some of the gear that they need when you get there. I am so impressed with the one carryon bag – I can’t even fit my stuff alone in to one carryon! 🙂

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