Travel Toys Gift Guide: Prepare Kids For A New Adventure

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The Holiday shopping season is officially here and we’ve put together a Travel Toys Gift Guide, because travelin’ is what we know! There are toys for different ages, interests, and development stages. These toys are not only fun, but they can be educational as well. Take for example the LEGO Friends Snow Resort set (link below). These LEGOs can aid in teaching a little one about a ski resort, the equipment used, and how to visit safely as a family.

We chose these travel gifts with our own children in mind and the travels we hope and plan to take one day – enjoy!

Travel Toys Gift Guide

Travel Toys Gift Guide

Ski Resort

LEGO Friends recently came out with an entire set of Snow Resort LEGOs. From the lodge, to the ice skating rink, and the figurines decked out with ski gear, this set has us geared up for Winter fun. The LEGO set is perfect for introducing the ins and outs of a ski resort and safe practices for an upcoming trip!

Summer Jet

Planning an upcoming trip with flying involved? Introduce the concept of flying and prepare your little traveler with a tangible example with the Playmobil Summer Jet. Even if you’re not planning on boarding a flight anytime soon, this jet will earn you tons of “cool” mom points!

Magic Inductive Toy Train

This toy is so fun, and not surprisingly, on the top of many holiday gift guides. Fun for children of all ages, but perfect for toddlers and younger children who are continuing to develop their hand eye coordination. The Nylea train uses a sensor to follow a path drawn with a magic marker – how fun!

Plush Campfire Set

Land of Nod has scored again with an adorable plush S’more campfire set. The campfire set is perfect for families who love to set up camp or for those who wish to tell ghost stories in the comfort of their living rooms. The potential for imaginary play is endless with this great toy!

My First Train Set

I came across this classic wooden train set while conducting my own holiday shopping research and I just had to include it in our travel toys list. Simple in design, the Pottery Barn train set is ideal for little ones and those who wish to explain the function and the type of travel one typically experiences on a train. All aboard!

Summer Camper

I get such a kick out of Playmobil’s attention to details in their toy sets, they are so realistic! If you ever plan to take the kids in an RV, this summer camper provides a great visual and means for educating little ones.  We’ve never gone camping as a family, but this toy would be a hit in our house regardless!

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Travel Toys Gift Guide: Grab the best travel toys for your little ones this during the holidays or when you need great birthday gift ideas for kids. From air travel to camping, train trips to family ski vacations these great gifts for kids have you covered. #traveltoys
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