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Tax season is here. Oh, yes. It is true. Have you done yours yet? No? Well, you have about nine days left to file them with the IRS here in the USA or you could face penalties, unless of course you have filed an extension. Chances are, you might not have done that yet either.

Why should you do your taxes? Well for one thing, if you have kids, you may be eligible for a refund. I greedily wait for January 31st to arrive so I can start stalking our mail woman for all of our tax documents. We never count on a refund, so anything we do get goes into our travel fund. It could be $100, it could be $1000 depending on the year. I just never know. It’s like Christmas in my house with a whole lot more paperwork, stress and insanity as I try to crunch every number and get every dollar and cent back I can from the government. How do I do this? Turbotax.

I’ve used TurboTax for at least 10 years to get my (sometimes very complicated) taxes finished on time. When approached me with the idea of talking about last minute tax prep and what it means to my life, well, I could only think of one thing to write about… travel with TurboTax thanks to a tax refund.

As soon as I get my tax refund I start planning our next trip. Our refund helped us get to Beijing in 2011!

As soon as I get my tax refund I start planning our next trip. Our refund helped us get to Beijing in 2011!

As soon as TurboTax announces that the next year’s software is available I order it. I want to be ready to jump as soon as our W2s, 1099s and other forms come to the house. The sooner I do my taxes, the sooner I know how much I can add to my travel account that year. It’s a sick addiction I know, but one my husband supports since I’m the one slaving over Turbotax late at night and barking at him to hand me the next real estate paper to see what we can claim on our house.

TurboTax has made my tax filing process as easy as it can possibly be. I have used TurboTax when I had a photo business, after we bought our first house, and even bought and sold a house in 2014. There is a version for every situation you might have in life, and the best part is they will file your federal income tax return for free (you have to pay a fee to file state taxes.)

Our tax returns have helped to pay for trips to Europe, Hawaii, Mexico and even Beijing. The key is that we never, ever count on a return. Since I am a freelance writer it is not a given that we will get a return on our taxes. I may have to pay some years, while other years we will get a nice chunk of cash back to add to our travel account.

Forbidden City

TurboTax helps me save money in my tax preparations (ours aren’t so complicated that we need an accountant yet), which means I can add even more into my travel fund. I always file as soon as possible, but not everyone has that luxury. Some are still waiting for paperwork, need forms corrected or just plan forgot. If you are that person, have no fear; TurboTax can still help you get your taxes filed by April 15th.

Forbidden City

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